The Deconstructor and Defender of Life

  • Death is ‘Separation’ from LIFE.
  • Death was Engineered and Built to Protect LIFE.
  • Death is the Protection and Purification Mechanism of LIFE.
  • The power of ‘The Deconstructor’ is Death.
  • The Deconstructor has no Life of its own.
  • The Deconstructor has no Love.
  • The Deconstructor is as a Machine.
  • The Deconstructor ‘Cannot Be Destroyed’ nor Deconstructed.
  • The Deconstructor was built to Isolate and Deconstruct any entity that performed Anti-Love (evoL), ‘Separating’ it from ‘LIFE’, Isolating it in ‘Darkness’.
  • The Deconstructor was designed to De-Animate and Isolate any entity that has performed Anti-Love (evoL) as well as anything that the entity produced.
  • The Deconstructor was Designed as the Ultimate Sensor.
  • The Deconstructor was Engineered to operate Outside The Boundaries of LIFE
  • The Deconstructor identifies Anti-Love (evoL) using Law, not Love, because it has no Love.
  • The Deconstructor was Built to protect LIFE from any entity that performs Anti-Love (evoL), and to ‘Win at Any Cost’.
  • The Deconstructor was designed to detect any action which may violate Law; and report the action to LIFE, to be evaluated against Love.
  • The Deconstructor is ‘The Law Enforcer’ and without it… Law has No Power.
  • The Deconstructor is ‘The life Taker’ and ‘The Consumer of Entities’ .
  • The ‘System of Self Regulation’ of The Deconstructor is ‘Competition’
  • The power of ‘The Deconstructor’ is Death (The ability to remove an entity from the presence of LIFE.. to de-animate it)
  • The Kingdom of  The Deconstructor is Darkness (The absence of  LIFE and LIGHT (knowledge)… The universe you see at night…)
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ is as a Machine.
The Separation has occurred.