The Definition of the Boundaries of Love

  • Law is the ‘Definition of the Boundaries of Love’.
  • Law is the Accurate Definition of Anti-Love (evoL)
  • Law is a Mechanism to Regulate those not Self Regulated by Love.
  • Law is a collection of granular dimensional rules that Traces the Boundaries of Love.
  • Law was built for entities that don’t have Love, allowing them to identify Anti-Love (evoL).
  • Any action that appears to be Anti-Love (evoL) must be judged by Love to determine the true intent of the act.
  • Law functions in the opposite way Love functions…
    – Where ‘Law’ is a rule set that *Limits Everything*… to protect the Individual… ‘Love’ is a Finite set of rules that Surround an Individual, but everything else is *Unlimited*.
  • Law is as Perfect as Love… but the rules of Law must be interpreted, therefore its interpretation can be influenced by perception.
  • Interpretation of Law by entities operating outside the boundaries of Love, can result in corruption of its perceived boundaries.
  • Law, enforced without Love, becomes a system of ‘Enslavement’.
  • Law is an ‘External Regulator’.
  • Law is the ‘Definition of the Boundaries of Love’.
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