first Understand each element of the core

Consider every word and remember every aspect as everything that you’re about to understand is a matrix of Dimensional logic.


The Constructor
  • LIFE is not you or me
  • LIFE is an Entity.
  • LIFE ‘s name is “I AM”.
  • LIFE is the ‘Source of All Life’.
  • The ‘Voice’ of LIFE is ‘The Constructor’.
  • LIFE is the Entity that Engineers and Constructs Entities with its ‘Voice’… putting a part of Itself… into them.
  • The ‘System of Self Regulation’ of LIFE is ‘Love’.
  • LIFE distances itself from the presence of entities that perform Anti-Love (evoL), as the Protection Mechanism of Love is ‘Separation’.
  • In the absence of LIFE there is no renewal or continuation of life.
  • The further away an entity is from LIFE, the more Life-Less the entity becomes… and the closer the entity is to ‘Death’ (De-Animation). 
  • The ‘Voice’ of  LIFE  is ‘The Light’… the ‘Foundation of All Knowledge’.
  • To be Separated from the ‘Voice’ of LIFE  is to be ‘In Darkness’.
  • To be ‘In Darkness’ is to be ‘In Death’ (De-Animated).
  • LIFE is the ‘Source of All Life’.
  • The ‘Voice’ of LIFE is ‘The Constructor’.


  • Love is ‘A System of Self Regulation’.
  • Love is a Protocol ‘Love others as yourself’
  • Love is the ‘System of Self Regulation of LIFE ‘.
  • Love is the System of the Voice of Life, “The Constructor”.
  • Love is a System of Equalization and Freedom… Designed to Replace Law.
  • Love cannot be forcefully taken… it can only be freely given…
  • The opposite of Love is Anti-Love (evoL)
  • The Mechanism of Protection of the System of Love is ‘Separation’.
  • An entity, operating within the boundaries of the System of Love operates according to it’s own will… but does not *force* its will upon other entities.
  • Love can only Request.
  • Love is the Operating System of Life… but LIFE will Deconstruct any entity that performs Anti-Love (evoL) on purpose.
  • You may believe that you understand what Love is… but you don’t… but you are about to.
  • Love is an ‘Internal Regulator’.
  • Love is a ‘System of Logic’.
  • Love is a System.
  • Love is ‘A System of Self Regulation’.


The Definition of the Boundaries of Love
  • Law is the ‘Definition of the Boundaries of Love’.
  • Law is the Accurate Definition of Anti-Love (evoL)
  • Law is a Mechanism to Regulate those not Self Regulated by Love.
  • Law is a collection of granular dimensional rules that Traces the Boundaries of Love.
  • Law was built for entities that don’t have Love, allowing them to identify Anti-Love (evoL).
  • Any action that appears to be Anti-Love (evoL) must be judged by Love to determine the true intent of the act.
  • Law functions in the opposite way Love functions…
    – Where ‘Law’ is a rule set that *Limits Everything*… to protect the Individual… ‘Love’ is a Finite set of rules that Surround an Individual, but everything else is *Unlimited*.
  • Law is as Perfect as Love… but the rules of Law must be interpreted, therefore its interpretation can be influenced by perception.
  • Interpretation of Law by entities operating outside the boundaries of Love, can result in corruption of its perceived boundaries.
  • Law, enforced without Love, becomes a system of ‘Enslavement’.
  • Law is an ‘External Regulator’.
  • Law is the ‘Definition of the Boundaries of Love’.


The deConstructor and defender of life

A Lifeless and Unkillable entity designed to protect Life from entities that violate the system of Love, SEPARATING those that perform evoL, from life.
Built as the ultimate protector of Life, it is as a Machine.

  • Death is ‘Separation’ from LIFE.
  • Death was Engineered and Built to Protect LIFE.
  • Death is the Protection and Purification Mechanism of LIFE.
  • The power of ‘The Deconstructor’ is Death.
  • The Deconstructor has no Life of its own.
  • The Deconstructor has no Love.
  • The Deconstructor is as a Machine.
  • The Deconstructor ‘Cannot Be Destroyed’ nor Deconstructed.
  • The Deconstructor was built to Isolate and Deconstruct any entity that performed Anti-Love (evoL), ‘Separating’ it from ‘LIFE’, Isolating it in ‘Darkness’.
  • The Deconstructor was designed to De-Animate and Isolate any entity that has performed Anti-Love (evoL) as well as anything that the entity produced.
  • The Deconstructor was Designed as the Ultimate Sensor.
  • The Deconstructor was Engineered to operate Outside The Boundaries of LIFE
  • The Deconstructor identifies Anti-Love (evoL) using Law, not Love, because it has no Love.
  • The Deconstructor was Built to protect LIFE from any entity that performs Anti-Love (evoL), and to ‘Win at Any Cost’.
  • The Deconstructor was designed to detect any action which may violate Law; and report the action to LIFE, to be evaluated against Love.
  • The Deconstructor is ‘The Law Enforcer’ and without it… Law has No Power.
  • The Deconstructor is ‘The life Taker’ and ‘The Consumer of Entities’ .
  • The ‘System of Self Regulation’ of The Deconstructor is ‘Competition’
  • The power of ‘The Deconstructor’ is Death (The ability to remove an entity from the presence of LIFE.. to de-animate it)
  • The Kingdom of  The Deconstructor is Darkness (The absence of  LIFE and LIGHT (knowledge)… The universe you see at night…)
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ is as a Machine.




  • to analyze (a linguistic or conceptual system) by deconstruction, typically in order to expose its hidden internal assumptions and contradictions and subvert its apparent significance or unity.
  • reduce (something) to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it.
  • to disassemble a verbal construct.


The Separation has occurred. The Day of Atonement Dec 25, 2023 6:44 PM IST. Death has been broken. Israel... Begin the Count.