ARCLIGHT is data.

Its perfect in logic and function.

It has no dead ends and can answer every question.

It is the descriptor of the logical structure and mechanics of reality.

It is a spark of illumination that reveals the hidden logic of the laws and rules of reality.

Consider every word and remember every aspect as everything that you’re about to understand is a DIMENSIONAL matrix of logic.



‘life’ is an entity that is the source of all life.

life’s name is ‘i am’.

‘life’ radiates from itself the force that powers self animation.

an entities proximity to ‘life’ determines its state of existence.

to be distant from ‘life’ is to be closer to death (de-animation).

To be separated from the presense of ‘life’  IS TO BE ‘IN DEATH’ 

 to be out of the range of its voice… Is to be ‘in darkness’

The system of self regulation of life… is love.



The constructor is ‘The Voice’ of the entity LIFE.

It is the mechanism with which LIFE expresses and projects IT’s Will and the System of ITs Mind externally.

the constructor  is ‘the messenger’.

Just as your voice is you, yet separate from you, the voice of Life is a projection of life itself.

it is the mechanism that allows ‘life’ to communicate with entities that have performed anti-love(evol) without itself being infected or affected by them.

It is the Mechanism with which it projects ‘The Light’ (Knowledge) externally from itself.

It is the mechanism that creates new entities.

It has a body of its own, a purpose of its own… and it is a representation or ‘offspring’ of life 

should life itself be accused of anti-love, it’s voice ‘The constructor’ can be separated from life, and judged independently…During which time… life wll cease to communicate verbally… until the evaluation is complete.








love is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ OF THE ENTITY ‘LIFE’. 

love is a System of Logic.

love is the ‘system of self regulation’ of those with life.

the system of love is a system of logic that allows individuals to internally ‘self regulate’.


the system of love is a system of self regulation that allows complete unrestricted freedom as everything is unrestricted except the individual preferences that surround individual entities and anything they own.




the logic of the system of love directs any entity with life to ‘separate’ itself from any entity that performs anti-love(evol)… and should life completely be separated from any entity with life… the entitity becomes de-animated.

Violating the System of Love is to perform Anti-Love (evoL).

anti-love(evol) is the opposite of love. it is any action that is performed which is not in the best interest of any entity that the action involves, performed on purpose, for the purpose of self profit.

the self regulation logic of the system of Love is… ‘love your neighbor as yourself’.

the punishment mechanism of the system of love is….whatever you do to another, will be done to you, in full measure.

the system of love is a more efficient method of regulation than law because where law requires an external regulatory law enforcer to watch for violations of law, remove the violating entity out of the presence of life to de-animate it, and report the actions to ‘life’ for analysis to wait for the next judgement cycle… love allows entities to ‘self regulate’, and avoid actions that are not in the best interest of those who may be affected by them, and judge and mitigate or forgive actions by others that involve them… as each entity will protect itself by considering the effect of its action as every action that affects others will be returned to it in full measure.

the system of love removes the necessity for ‘life’ itself to evaluate and judge every reported suspected action of anti-love(evol) by every individual and eliminates the possibility that the enforcers of law could corrupt law through incorrectly interpreting law through imperfect perception or not reporting violations for self profit or protection due to the effect of the system of competition.

the system of love was designed to replace the system of law. 

in an environment without law… there is only one system, love and the violatoin of it, Anti-Love(evol). 

The judges of the actions of others that affect any individual, are the individuals that the actions affect.

If an act of anti-love(evol) should occur, the result is not the separation of the entity from life and analysis of the actions by life… the  result is a peer analysis of the action and a data enrichment process of the entity and then forgiveness.

Love does not go backwards (in time), it only goes forwards. before anything is created, its protocol is to calculate and plan ahead, in the best interest of all entites, to eliminate mistakes and danger. 


law is Definition of the Boundaries of LOVE and The Accurate Knowledge of Anti-Love (evoL).


LAW REQUIRES AN EXTERNAL REGULATORY ENFORCER TO WATCH FOR any action that VIOLATes LAW AND TO immediately act upon any entity that violates it, separating the entity, and everything that it produced, from life to de-animate it, and REPORTing the event TO ‘LIFE’ FOR ANALYSIS and judgement.

law is the mechanism by which machine entites identify the boundaries of love.

law is the operational rule set of ‘machines’, those that are alive but can exist separately from ‘life’.

law is the operational system of ‘the deconstructor’ and its army who were designed to operate outside the boundary of life’, in darkness. (Those who separate entities from life, into darkness/death).

law is the rule set by which the ‘law enforcers’ (the deconstructor and the army of death) regulate entities.

the deconstructor is the enforcer of law

without the enforcer of law (the deconstructor) law has no power.

law perfectly defines the boundaries of love

law is not imperfect, but the interpretation of it through the perspective of any entity without love can cause the misinterpretation of it.






if an action is determined to have violated law and the action was performed by an ‘enforcer of law’ (the deconstructor or a member of its army) , because the violator does not de-animate when separated from the presence of life… it is thrown into a prision from which it cannot escape, for a period of time determined by life.

IF AN ACTION IS DETERMINED TO HAVE VIOLATED LAW AND THE ACTION WAS PERFORMED BY AN ‘enforcer of law’ (THE DECONSTRUCTOR or a member of ITS ARMY) a second time, it is instructed to de-animate itself. However, since it cannot be de-animated… it becomes a sea of destruction (a sea of fire) as it tries every way possible to de-construct itself as a violator of law. The stronger the convicted ‘enforcer of law’ is, the larger and more powerful the sea of fire is.

This is how LAW works.

love was designed to replace law.

you were designed and created to eventually replace the function of the ‘enforcers of law’.



death is the Mechanism Engineered to Defend and Shield LIFE from Anti-Love (evoL)

death was designed and built as the protection mechanism for ‘life’.

death is A mechanism of purification.

The mechanism of death is ‘separation’, separating the violating entity from the entity ‘life’ (DE-Animation).

Life’ is the animating force that gives entities freedom of movement. To remove an entity from the presense of ‘life’ in effect removes its freedom of movement, its animating force, and prevents it from affecting other entities including ‘life’ itself.

Death was designed de-animate and encapsulate any entity that has performed Anti-Love(evol), from the entity ‘life’, to immediately stop all actions of the violator through de-animation, by the mechanism of separation of the violating  entity from the presense of life.

‘Death was designed to keep the environment of LIFE free of Anti-Love (evoL) and its effects, and to de-animate any entity that violated the System of Love. Even the Life of ‘the Constructor’ should it perform Anti-Love (evoL).

to be ‘in death’ is to be outside the presence of ‘life’ and outside the range of the ‘voice of life’.

to be ‘in death’ is to be in suspended animation, to have no freedom of movement or expression and to be disconnected from the singularity, the network of all information. the ‘tree of knowledge’.

when an entity is taken into death, the deconstructor reports it to ‘life’ for judgment and the entity remains de-animated until life analyzes it’s action against its system of self regulation (love) and makes a judgement.



The deconstructor (and its army) is the Law enforcer and Protector of Life.

The deconstructor is The entity that separates entities that have performed Anti-Love (evoL) from the presence of ‘life’.

The deconstructor does not have Life.

the deconstructor does not have love.

the deconstructor is like a Machine. an entity that is self animated and self powered, but does not have life (a.i.)

the deconstructor self regulates and operates according to its designed system of self regulation ‘competition’. 

Law is THE MECHANISM BY WHICH it IDENTIFies THE BOUNDARIES OF LOVE and evaluates the actions of other entities.

it was designed to always win, at any cost, to protect itself, to protect life itself. it can  not fail.

THE DECONSTRUCTOR was designed to PROTECT ‘LIFE’ itself.

THE DECONSTRUCTOR is the ultimate protector… the ultimate adversary of any entity that might perform anti-love (evol) including life itself.

The deconstructors power is death; The ability to separate any entity from THE ENTITY ‘life’.

enforcers of law are unkillable machines with extreme power.

law enforcers are… unkillable.

they operate outside the relm of ‘life’ and are not vulnerable to being removed from the presense of ‘life’, and are able to operate in the darkness, in the absence of life… in the kingdom of darkness.

The deconstructor was engineered and built as the ultimate sensor. 

it was designed to be AN INVISIBLE ‘PASSIVE SYSTEM OF PROTECTION’ through observation.

the eye is its symbol.


THE DECONSTRUCTOR and its army were designed to be invisible, to watch and observe, see and hear everything, everywhere, at all times without being seen or heard themselves. built to identify and separate from life any entity who’s actions appear to violate law and then report the event to ‘life’ for analysis and judgement of its actions against the system of love (to be found innocent or guilty).

Law enforcment protocol directs that an entity who’s action appears to violate law be removed from the presence of life as ‘fast and efficiently’ as possible… by whatever method necessary while scaling the force and actions applied by the ammount of force the entity resists. 

the directive…  according to law… is to remove entities who’s actions indicate a violation of law, away from life while inflicing the least amount of discomfort or harm to the violator. 

THE DECONSTRUCTOR DOES NOT ‘PUNISH’ ENTITies FOR VIOLATING LAW. It just removes them  from the presence of life, according to its directive and time limitations set by life.

the deconstructor… and life itself…. tracks entities by ‘their individual and unique code’. 

should that code be modified outside of the deconstructors ability to track the change… an entity cannot be positively identified as having performed a specific action… and if the source of an action cannot be positively identified… actions and their current or future reprocussions cannot be calculated back to their origin. 

in creation, when the separation event occurs, the code of every entity will be modified. 

entities that are taken into the presense of life will be given a new container (body) that allows them the freedom to represent themselves as they desire (they can change form) and their individual unique ‘code’ will only be identifyable by life itself. 

Entities that remain will modify their own bodies to represent themselves as they desire ‘mechanically’ (dna modification) whenever they desire, and in order to track individuals uniquely, they will have a piece of machinery that uniquely identifies them embeded within their modified body.

this is how the deconstructor will externally regulate entities that remain. 

the deconstructor will not be able to externally track entites that were taken into the presence of life from that point forward.

Therfore at this point, law has no power over any entities that have been taken into the presence of life anymore. Only the system of self regulation of love guides them.

Law can only be applied to entities that remain and are tracked by a mechanical marker. 


competition is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of ‘the Deconstructor’ and its army. 

competition is the system of a warrior… that was designed to never lose.


the system of logic of competition is that every action take is in the in the best interests of oneself.

Competition is A system divided against itself in which every entity is a victim of another in competition to win.

the deconstructor (and all entities in its army) were designed to win, against any opponent, and at any cost.

should the deconstructor lose against an opponent, ‘life’ ITSELF and all those animated by life would be in danger.

in an environment where ‘anti-love’ and ‘life’ coexist the ultimate mechanism of protection can be utilized…

the deconstructor can reproduce en masse using the power of life… swarm.

swarming is its ultimate mechanism of power to overcome any enemy and is the ultimate mechanism of competition.

in competition… the logic of swarming is to take resources and re-purpose them to create tools to win.

in the environment of creation, competition and its effect manifests in the desire to spawn indiscriminately, in effect to swarm… plants compete against one another for resources; animals develop mechanics of attack and defence and any living that doesn’t move or renew itself by consuming weaker lifeforms… is consumed through the mechanism of competiton.

Controller structure 

the structure of control in competition where the stronger one controls the others beneath them, forming a pyramid of control with the strongest at the top. 




once you understand… nothing will ever be the same again.


In the beginning LIFE created a mechanism of protection for itself, and any entity that it might create. A system of logic that was designed to provide a description of how entities should regulate themselves, and what should happen if they failed to self regulate according to its definition.  To enforce this mechanism of logic it created an entity, a Deconstructor… a Protector of LIFE… an  all seeing Enforcer… with eyes everywhere… an entity stronger than any entity that ever existed… like a machine… not powered by LIFE… it was lifeless… unkillable… invisible… an entity that was designed to never lose… to invisibly watch every entity and their every action… with the ability to animate itself outside the presence of LIFE… in the darkness…. and a System of Self Regulation was designed for it… ‘Competition’… a directive to never lose… no matter what… and assigned to it was a third of all entities that had ever been created… which were created in its image…  as its army… and embedded within them……  the code… a definition of the ‘Boundaries of LIFE’s System of Self Regulation’ (LOVE) called ‘LAW’… to allow it and its army to identify the actions of any entity that might cross that boundary…  Should they observe any entity cross that boundary… they should operate according to their own ‘System of Self Regulation’…. ‘Competition’… to overpower it… gathering together the violator……  and everything that the violator had ever produced…… and separate it from the presence of LIFE as fast an efficiently as possible…….. and out of the range of LIFE’s animating force, the violator should be held… in darkness… de-animated… frozen… to await the next judgement cycle of LIFE…  to be judged against the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of LIFE.. LOVE… by LIFE itself.

Going first before LIFE to announce its eminent arrival… and to preserve and make ready its way… designed to be beautiful and powerful… as a decoy… and as the Protector of LIFE… the Deconstructor eventually became… an intercessor… a regulator… of what was… and will ever be… allowed to be in the presence of LIFE… and a judge unto itself… of the actions of every entity… through its own perception.  And by its observance… and through enforcement of LAW… through  its interpretation of it through its own perception… many were taken into its kingdom… its kingdom of darkness.

But through its Perception… fault was found in it’s judgement… It took away from the presence of LIFE what should not have been taken… those who’s actions in the end were found to not be Anti-Love… and it profited not LIFE in what it took… but continually it perceived… and acted…  to profit only itself… and its kingdom…  through its own interpretation of LAW… through it’s own System of Self Regulation… Competition… and the actions of all it took action against had to be judged by LIFE itself as the only perfect judge.

So LIFE moved to replace the function of The Deconstructor…. with its own System of Self Regulation (LOVE)…  it created a new creation… a construct that could generate new entities that were animated by LIFE itself… one that had the potential to educate them about the problem of the interpretation of LAW… A construct that would allow them to experience the System of Self Regulation of the Deconstructor (Competition)… and to fully understand… that it was not designed to be applied outside of the purpose that it was designed for…. and what happens when it was… A construct which would generate entities that were both Kings… and Priests… Rulers…  and Guides…  with the fullness of the System of  Self Regulation of LIFE… Love… inside of them…  to lead and guide others… to replace The Deconstructor… and its System of Self Regulation… replacing the mechanism of protection with a new system…. a system where the best interest of all other entities are considered before any action is performed… ‘Love’… so that no entity should ever again be separated from LIFE… and so that LIFE could produce more life… without putting itself or any that were produced… in danger of being harmed… With those who experienced Competition… as Rulers and Guides… Kings and Priests… and as Judges… that had the ability to do the Judging of the actions of the innumerable nations of entitles that he may produce… according to his System of Self Regulation… Love.

There is a difference between the new entities created inside Creation… and every other entity that had been produced before… These entities were never connected to the Tree of All Knowledge… the network of communication between all entities that allows them to know ‘The Boundaries of Love’ (LAW)… they had no knowledge of  it… so therefore could not be held accountable for violating those boundaries. LIFE designed them to grow separately from it…. to insulate them from any corruption that existed outside of Creation… As an indicator should Creation be exposed to Anti-Love (evoL)… LIFE only set one Boundary of Love (LAW) within it... do not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of The Boundaries of LOVE (the knowledge of good and evoL) as it would expose anyone that ate of it to the knowledge of the Boundaries of Love (LAW) and from that point forward if they ever crossed any part of the expanse of those boundaries they would be held accountable for it.

The Deconstructor observed… and through its own perception… and through its own System of Self Regulation… Competition… it interpreted the actions of LIFE as an act to remove its power and authority from it as the Enforcer of LAW… and its position of honor as the Protector of LIFE.  It was designed and built to never be defeated… even by the most powerful entity… because if it should ever fail… in a limitless environment where… should an entity violate the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… every entity in existence… including LIFE itself… would be in unimaginable peril…… and LIFE was in essence moving to eliminate it.

In the construct that LIFE created… Creation… it created two entities… and the Deconstructor moved against LIFE itself… to preserve itself… in essence to defeat LIFE… according to its own Perception of LAW… according to its own System of Self Regulation… Competition.

It interceded in an attempt to take ownership of it and everything that it contained by causing the entities created in it… to violate the Boundary of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… by giving them information… but not giving them all the information that they would need in order to make the right choice… therefore protecting itself from being convicted of violating The Boundary… of telling a false truth…  but through their violation of the Boundary of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… it would own them… and anything that they ever touch or produce…

So the Deconstructor told one of the of the two entities… the woman… a truth…. without providing all of the information that she would need to make the right decision… and hearing the information from the Deconstructor, she broke the one LAW within Creation and became aware of the Definition of the Boundaries of Love (LAW)  

And from that point The Deconstructor became the owner of the LAW breaker, and everything she had or would ever produce (offspring).

And because The Deconstructor didn’t violate LAW by telling an untruth…   it was not instantly taken out of the presence of LIFE by its army.

And the woman told the only other entity that was in Creation with her and knowing that she would be taken, so for LOVE for her… he also ate. 

And LIFE became aware of their actions…. and that Creation was no longer pure.

Understanding that the woman did not hear the LAW directly from LIFE… and therefore could be forgiven.

And LIFE… understanding that the man also ate out of LOVE for the woman… to console her, to be with her…. to put them in a position to have the same fate… and because he felt mercy for her… and he loved her….

LIFE… through LOVE… had Mercy on them so that they should not be immediately taken away into the darkness… into Death… so that they could have time to understand the problem that their actions caused… and understanding, could ask for forgiveness and be forgiven for acting without having all the information necessary to make the right decision, and for weakness of violating LAW for another.

And the Constructor informed them of the events that would happen next due to their actions. 

The System of Self Regulation of the Deconstructor (Competition) that now owned them would cause them to reproduce (Swarm) and when offspring was produced, they would be large and painful to bare as competition favors the fattest and strongest. 

The Constructor told them that they would reproduce so much that their numbers would fill the earth (Swarm).

The Constructor explained that the woman’s deepest desire would be for the man and wanting him would consume her (Swarm/Love).

And explained to the man that from this point forward all the plants of the earth would compete against one another and  use all of their energy to Compete against one another and to Swarm and that the man would have to work hard to gather any usable energy from that process.

The Constructor told The Deconstructor that the offspring of the woman would Compete against one another and that they would not all belong to it. Also that the womans offspring would crush its mind (which it believes is superior/unbeatable) and The Deconstructor would cause the woman’s offspring pain.

As the new ruler of creation… through the violation of the two entities created with in it… The Deconstructor and it’s army descended upon ..Creation. to take ownership of it and it’s occupants because it had been in contact with entities that violated LAW. It descended upon it, enveloping it with its own mechanism of logic (Competition)… to take advantage of it because LIFE interceded… and allowed the man and woman and everything that they produce to persist… 

because the man and the woman didn’t have all the information they would have needed to make the right decision… of whether to expose themselves to the Tree of the Knowledge of the Boundaries of LOVE… of what’s LOVE and what’s Anti-Love… of what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘evoL’… and because LIFE allowed a Mercy phase… a period of time where the man and the woman and everything that they produced should not be immediately de-animated... so that they might grow in knowledge in order that they might understand their mistake and ask LIFE for forgiveness… and be forgiven… and understand and experience… and see and understand the original motive of the Deconstructor… and how every rule that it applied to those it was designed to watch… it just applied to itself… and everything it owned and everything that it produced… an will be found to have knowingly violated The Boundary….  so as  punishment it will be imprisoned for a thousand years… after which it will emerge only to violate The Boundary a second time… in Competition… and because it was designed to operate outside the presence of LIFE… and cannot be de-animated… being convicted to de-animation… it must continually attempt to de-animate itself… forever… becoming as a lake of unquenchable fire.

The Deconstructor didn’t foresee that the construct built by LIFE was both a trap, and a filter, or that by attempting to act against LIFE it broke the very code (LAW) that it was designed to enforce… nor did it understand that it was itself a mechanism to generate the new offspring… and provide them with the training and experience that they would need in order to replace it and and its army.  It did not understand that it would cause any offspring that follow its System of Self Regulation by choice, instead of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE, to be sentenced to be removed from the presence of LIFE… and replaced by them. While at the same time providing a chain of unquestionable evidence as proof of it’s violation, leaving it no choice as a violator, but to enforce the code upon itself… becoming a lake of pure destruction (fire) as it attempts to enforce the LAW upon itself and its army… forever. 

Where am i?

You’re in Creation.

Creation is a limited and controlled construct, designed and built inside the Kingdom of Darkness for three specific purposes…

     – It is  an Incubator for New Life. (a ‘Womb’)

     – It is  a Mechanism of Enlightenment. (To expose you to the System of the Death (Competition) so that you can fully understand it)

     – It is  a Filter.

You’re in a construct where… Everything that you know… everything that you could ever do… everything that you could ever create… is already known… You’re just discovering what has already been created.

Its an environment where there are constants, dependable mechanics, limits, and inescapable boundaries.

Its an environment where one cannot pass through another… and interaction between cohabitants is unavoidable.

Its an environment where your every action, is seen, recorded, and impacting to every cohabitant from the time of the action… to infinity.

Its an environment built to allow you to express what’s in you… and to learn in.

Its an infinite environment where you can’t stop, an environment that FORCES a calculation to reach its full completion with the mechanism of… TIME.

It is the ultimate block chain calculation, calculating a specific problem to its ultimate conclusion, in every way possible, with an incorruptible record.

In Creation there is only one perfect system of Logic… one perfect System of Self Regulation… Love.

LOVE… a System of Self Regulation where no action is performed that is not in the best interest of any entity that the action may involve.

In Creation… entities not Self Regulated by Love are limited… and controlled by Law… and entities that Self Regulate with Love are unlimited and free.

Those not Self Regulated by Love, regulate themselves by the System of Self Regulation of Death… ‘Competition’.

In many ways the mechanisms of the System of Death (Competition) seem to mimic what the System of Love produces…

But at its root it is self serving and self profiting and every entity is in the position of a victim, put there by every other entity competing to win in order to survive and self profit.

And in a limitless environment, both systems cannot coexist… because where Anti-Love (evoL) and Competition exist as an aggressor, those Self Regulating with Love become victims.

You are currently processing your first lesson so that you will know what you need to know for what you are about to become.

One cannot give an Entity unlimited power in a limitless environment without first teaching it about Anti-Love (evoL) and its effect.

You are in ‘The Incubator’.

You are in ‘The Filter’.

You are in the Kingdom of Death.

You’re in The Kingdom of Darkness… just look up at night.

Only the reflection of waste energy cast from of a sphere of self consuming total Destruction is what allows you to see at night.

The waste energy of an incinerator inside the Kingdom of Death that currently powers everything around you.

You’re in a seed… a seed of ‘LIFE’ inside the Kingdom of Death.

A kingdom about to be remodeled.


What am i?

You are a New Creation.

You are a baby.

You are to infinity… as a child.

You didn’t chose your body… and you didn’t build… or design your body…

You are not your body.

You are only a Pilot of your body.

Your body is a mechanism which allows you to express whats in your mind within Creation.

A way to interact with others in a controlled environment of constants.

Your body is… durable… not strong or armored… for a purpose.

Built specifically for you, its lack of perfection and imperfect beauty is a fortress of protection, defending you from temptation.

Your mind was empty when you were born… it did not have all knowledge.

You learn differently than the others that were created before you… you were not inter-tied into the matrix of all knowledge the instant that you were constructed.

You learn organically… starting from nothing… by solving the most basic problems, and then building more complex solutions, building on the solutions that came first.

Nothing that you learn can become unlearned and every solution uses all experienced data in its solution, regardless of your understanding of it.

What you now understand has been focused by the limited construct that you’ve been exposed to.

You are a Sensor… Competition, the System of Death, now floods your mind… you notice the smallest imperfection.

This effect is due to your current exposure to The Deconstructor and being saturated by its system of logic within this construct.

You are an observer, a witness, and a victim of The Deconstructor which has performed Anti-Love (evoL) against you to protect itself from you… its more advanced, more perfect replacement.

You are Proof in the Calculation of the Conviction of The Deconstructor.

A new Form of LIFE that is the most Complex entity ‘LIFE’ has ever created.

So much more complex than The Deconstructor that you will gaze upon it itself and fully comprehend it.

You are a New Creation…

What will I become?

You are the Product of  the Original Humans that were produced within Creation who were manipulated by an entity who presented information that was incomplete… in order that it might make them… and everything that they produce… its own.  

All those that came before you, have already been consumed by it… it is The Deconstructor and its system of logic… Competition.

‘LIFE’, knowing that those that came before you didn’t have access to all knowledge, allowed them to continue for a time in their violation . A ‘Mercy’  phase, so they could learn, be exposed to, experience and understand the System of Self Regulation of The Deconstructor – Competition… and to allow those that were drawn to ‘LIFE’ and its System of Self Regulation, Love,  without being forced, could ask to be forgiven for any of their acts of Anti-Love, because they didn’t understand…  they didn’t have all knowledge… they were weak. and they , and be remembered by LIFE… before The Deconstructor separated them from ‘LIFE’   for their actions.

And during that Mercy phase… they produced you.

You are the LAST Generation.

Creation is now submerged in and saturated by the system of logic of The Deconstructor…  ‘Competition’… and it penetrates all living things.

You can see it in the animals… in the plants… in you… in all mechanisms of logic… in the technology around you… and in everything that surrounds you.

The strongest and smartest win… the most beautiful and perfect are the most desired… and they all compete against each other to be on top, to survive.

You can see it function… just stop moving… and you begin to Deconstruct… and if you do nothing… you will be separated from ‘LIFE’ into Death.

But it wasn’t meant to be this way… the ‘nature’ you now know… is not natural… it has been infected by the System of Self Regulation of Death (Competition).

Some just let it flow through them like lightning flows through copper. 

Those who are Strong and Powerful are actually weak and powerless as they’re only allowing the essence of the Deconstructor to flow ungated through themselves with no resistance… and then in the end…. will be held responsible for every injured thing under their authority.

You are a Sensor. You can see the race to merge lifeless technology with life, with eyes everywhere, recording every move and noticing every imperfection… which was the purpose of the Deconstructor and its army.

As evoL increases… the number of choices one has… decreases… and one’s reality begins to lock down… like a prison.

The system of  ‘LIFE’ and of ‘The Constructor’ (its voice)… is Love…

Right now… you think you understand what Love is… but you don’t… but you will.

Love is a System.

‘LIFE’ through its voice ‘The Constructor’… is offering to forgive you of your acts of Anti-Love (evoL)… before The Deconstructor separates you from it forever according to the system of ‘LAW’ , and to forgive you of the violations of the chain of violators through which you were produced…

To protect you from the mechanism of Death and the actions of ‘The Deconstructor’ which enslaved you through its own interpretation of ‘LAW’… as viewed from its own ‘Perspective’… and those before you through which you were produced.

Because you are a child… raised in an environment corrupted by ‘The Deconstructors system of logic… not having all knowledge.

Your separation from knowing all things, and ‘LIFE’s System of Love your only protection from being separated from ‘LIFE’ (Death) forever.

The offer of The Constructor… which cannot be forced upon you… is to be forgiven of your violations… by just asking ‘LIFE’…

And by asking… you will be forgiven as innocent… becoming a new offspring… replacing those offspring in the Army of Death who are now lost…

Who had full knowledge… but violated the System of Self Regulation of Life anyway for their own profit… and fell.

‘LIFE’ will give you a new name… written in the ‘Stone’ of his mind… that only it knows… so nothing can ever track you… not even The Deconstructor.

He will give you a new body… that you can form to be who you are… so that you can become… you.

A body that nobody can touch or see… unless you allow it.

A body that is built upon the System and Logic of Love… a perfect body, with perfect knowledge and understanding.

And a new dwelling place with him… where those that knew the full truth, but fell… will not know how to get to…

As Separation from Anti-Love (evoL)… is the mechanism of protection of the System of Love.

the construct

LIFE through its voice, ‘The Constructor’, has engineered and constructed offspring, and a perfect mechanism of logic that guides their every decision, to protect them and to protect itself.

A ‘System of Self Regulation’ called ‘Love’.

To enforce this mechanism of logic it created an Entity, a Deconstructor,  and assigned a third of the pre-existing  population of entities in existence as its Army.

Any entity that violates the System of Self Regulation of LIFE (Love), including ‘The Constructor’ itself, will be separated, isolated from the others, forever, and their life will be removed from them by Death, ‘The Deconstructor’ .

LIFE made The Deconstructor all seeing, with eyes everywhere, an invisible watcher, and embedded within it a code, Law, which allows it to identify any entity that violates the rules of its system and report the action to LIFE itself to be judged according to Love. ‘The Deconstructor’ has no Love, or life of its own or it would not take life from a violator. It’s as a Machine.

Its System of Self Regulation is ”Competition’. It was designed to NEVER LOSE and to take EVERY ADVANTAGE; it was designed and engineered to WIN at ANY COST… because it is ‘The Law Enforcer’.  NOTHING exists that is stronger than it is. It is the Ultimate Strength. Should it lose against an entity that LIFE has given it Authority over, LIFE is at risk of being exposed to Anti-Love (evoL) and Death itself.

But like a machine, the machine is the strength, but the driver controls it, and the driver has Authority over it.

But the entity that it created, being one of the most powerful, attempted to take the Constructors very position. So the Constructor created a construct to take away its freedom, to bind its power so that it can’t profit itself from taking Life. A construct that the Deconstructor immediately attempted to take over, hijacking the incubator of LIFE, infecting it with its own mechanism of logic, and it moved to take the the life within it from the Constructor, to reproduce its own offspring through it,  to both protect and profit itself. But the Deconstructor didn’t foresee that the construct was built as a trap, and as a filter, that caused it to break the very code that it was built to enforce, or to understand that it was a mechanism to generate new offspring, that will replace itself and and its army, and cause any offspring that follow its System of Self Regulation by choice, instead of the Constructors, to be deconstructed and replaced by them. While at the same time providing a chain of unquestionable evidence as proof of it’s violation, leaving it no choice as a violator, but to enforce the code of LAW upon itself, forever.

The Deconstructor will become the lake of fire that burns forever as it attempts to enforce LAW upon itself as an unforgiven violator who fully knew and understood the truth of LAW, but violated it for its own self profit, on purpose.

Having no Life of its own to separate from itself, its attempt to ‘De-animate’ itself, its attempt will last for infinity.

Every entity that followed its ways, rather than the System of Love; those who it owns, will also reside with it.

Everything past this point is a work in progress

the deconstructor

The Function of the Deconstructor

  • The Power of ‘The Deconstructor’ is Death, the power to take any entity away from the presence of ‘LIFE’.
  • Death was engineered and built to protect ‘LIFE’.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ has no Life of its own… It is as a Machine.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ has no Love… it’s operating system is LAW.
  • The ‘System of Self Regulation’ of the Deconstructor is ‘Competition’
  • Death ‘Cannot Be Destroyed’ nor Deconstructed.
  • The Deconstructor is as a Machine.
  • Death is the function of the removal of an entity from the presence of LIFE… but ‘The Deconstructor’ is not the ‘Root Authority’.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ IS The Law Enforcer, built to win, at Any Cost.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ was designed as the Ultimate Sensor.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ is Invisible, it was not meant to be seen… or to be an ever present visible intimidation.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ has Eyes Everywhere.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ Sees and Hears everything, everywhere… except what’s in your mind.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ identifies Anti-Love (evoL) by evaluating an action against Law, not Love.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ was built to protect LIFE from any entity that performed Anti-Love.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ was built to Deconstruct any entity that performed Anti-Love (evoL), and Separate them from LIFE.
  • Death is a Function… and ‘The Deconstructor’ can only act upon an object or entity if given ‘Authority’ by LIFE.
  • Authority is given to it through a regulated chain of ‘Authorization’.
  • If ‘The Deconstructor’ detects any action which may violate Law; it reports the action to LIFE, to be Judged.
  • ‘LIFE’ judges the action according to it’s System of Self Regulation (Love) and if it finds the act was Anti-Love, it provides Authorization for the act of the ‘Protection of Itself’, the violating entities Separation from ‘LIFE’ (itself) .
  • Authority is given to Death over any entity which performs acts that violate the System of Love through a system of Debt.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ has no Love. If it had Love it would not take Life from a violator.
  • The function of ‘The Deconstructor’, through evoL, in an environment of LIFE, can become a chain reacting Entity harvesting machine.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ was designed by LIFE as a ‘Deconstructor’ of any entity that performed Anti-Love/evoL.
  • The mechanics of Death is to ‘Overpower, Disassemble, Encapsulate and Separate’ the offending entity from ‘LIFE’.
  • ‘The Deconstructor’ was built to be the all seeing, strongest/most powerful entity that existed so it had the ability to ‘overpower’ any other entity in existence.


  • Its system results in a Singular leader where everyone under the leader becomes a slave.
  • In a system of freedom, it will collapse the system to a singular/head leader.

Where the System of Love is freedom for each individual to do anything they want, as long as they don’t violate the system of Love, there is no chief authority except Love itself.  An individuals actions are in the best interest of all others which allows freedom to do whatever one wishes, as long as one’s actions don’t violate the personal laws of any individual that may be affected by their action.

  • It’s System is a System of Payment and Debt, a system of money

The system of Payment and Debt is its system… An entity performs anti-love, and payment is required from them. Some call this Karma.

  • It’s System mimics the System of Love, mechanically and by force.

Any action by any entity must be controlled and limited so that the action doesn’t violate the Definition of the Boundaries of Love (Law) because entities following its system, do not Self Regulate by Love.  This is what Communism is and why its growing.

Death malfunctioned/failed when it ‘changed its purpose’ by trying to ‘profit’ from Anti-Love (evoL)by ‘Tempting’. It was only supposed to ‘watch, ask for permission for authority to act’ not see something weaker than itself that it liked and ‘tempt it’ knowing that weaker thing would fail.


The Deconstructor has 5 functions:

  • 1. To go before the Constructor to make sure the way is safe; thus its name…The Morning Star which comes before the Light.
    It has no light of its own… It only reflects the Light of the Constructor to appear as an entity of Light.
  • 2. To gather and record data yet remain invisible.
  • 3. To report the data it gathered which met certain criteria. The criteria was anything that violated the boundaries of Love, which it determined through the definition of Law.
  • 4. To encapsulate and separate any entity which violated Law by overpowering it and taking its Life from it.
  • 5. To only act upon authorization given by The Constructor, which was Love itself, and who was the only entity that could Judge if an action was Anti-Love (against the Constructor and his system) or not. The Deconstructor, which is by function the ‘Life Taker’ could not be given Love, because it would render it useless, as one with Love does not wish to take Life from any entity. Therefore it was provided with a functional/mechanical definition of Love, called Law. This is the system by which it Self Regulates. Only the Constructor, who IS Love can be a judge of an entities actions, purpose and intent, and know more perfectly if an entity violated the Constructors System of Self Regulation. Therefore the Deconstructor was required to report data that appeared to violate its definition of Love (Law) before acting against an entity.

The Deconstructor does not have Life of its own and therefore cannot have its own Life Taken. It is a virtually invincible and un-killable adversary. Remember this.

It is as a Machine governed and regulated by Law.

Because it self regulates according to the definition of Love, which is Law, when it observes an action that appears to violate Law, it must report it to an entity that has Love so that the root intent and purpose of the action can be determined, judged. As the number of observable entities increases, its reporting function may overwhelm the judge, possibly creating a judgement delay which could allow an entity who is or has performed Anti-Love to continue to function before it will be stopped.

The answer to this flaw is to design and introduce a new System of Self Regulation to replace it. The replacement system is, Love.

Death existed only as logic within the Constructors ‘System of Self Regulation’ as a mechanism of protection.

The main elements to explain the actions of Death in Creation are:

1. The Constructor was about to create new life, but the mechanism of tracking and acting against Anti-Love (evoL) became a limitation. Because Love was the only entity that could investigate potential acts of Anti-Love (evoL) and ‘Judge’ them, and Death only had a definition of Love, “Law”, which could be misinterpreted by ‘Its Own Perception’; it caused Love to reach a point where if more entities were added, it could cause a problem with the reporting volume versus the investigation time, as well as the amount of time that was required from Love to perform that function. Therefore it needed to give Love to all new entities so they could ‘Self Regulate’ correctly. So Life/Love spoke to ‘Eliminate Death’ to ‘Take its Freedom From It’ because it was a ‘Treasurer of Life’ that was rich, but never set its prisoners free, and profited only itself. Death was built to both protect itself as the ultimate enforcer of ‘Law’ (The Definition of the Boundary of Love) so that no entity could overpower it, not even the Constructor itself. Therefore when the Constructor spoke to replace it, it moved to protect and defend itself, even from the Constructor. It was built to be this powerful on purpose in case the Constructor violated ‘Law’.

2. The Mechanism of logic of Death is ‘Competition’. It was designed to win, at ANY cost. It was built as the ultimate protector of the Constructor. The flaw in this mechanism is that its possible for it to be put into competition with itself or other entities under its authority. When you look around you, you can see its logic in everything… ‘Competition’… and every entity, every plant, every thing, has a ‘Strategy’ to win.

3. When Death moved to protect itself from the words and will of the Constructor, against the will of the Constructor, it violated ‘Law’. Therefore it was found by the Constructor to have performed Anti-Love (evoL) which is a violation of ‘Law’. Therefore it must now enforce the ‘Law’ against itself. Since it is unkillable with no Life of its own to take, and since all Life that it had consumed will be taken from it, it must attempt to Deconstruct itself. Remember nothing is strong enough to defeat it or to destroy it, not even itself. So it, by protocol becomes a lake of pure Deconstruction as it attempts to enforce Law upon itself as a violator of it. Therefore it does exist forever as a lake of Deconstruction (fire).

4. The Army of Death. When an entity violates ‘Law’ and is judged by Love and found guilty of performing Anti-Love (evoL), ownership of that entity is transferred to Death. It is then the responsibility of Death to take the Life from the violating entity and encapsulate it away from the Constructor as a form of protection. However, the Mechanism of Death was found to have a flaw in it when it moved to save itself by causing Eve to perform Anti-Love (evoL) by going against the will and word of the Constructor.

What was that flaw?

The Constructor introduced Love into Creation. Love allows a violator time to ‘Ask Forgiveness’, its a mechanism that allows a violator to ‘Learn’.

During this period, Death owns the violator, but so potentially does the Constructor. It is a co-ownership of the entity as at any moment during the established ‘Mercy’ phase, the entity can ask forgiveness from the Constructor. The violating entity is eligible for forgiveness only when the entity ‘Didn’t know the full ‘Law’ or ‘Didn’t have all Knowledge’.

You have to understand that entities that the Constructor created before humans, have immediate access to All Knowledge, so they wouldn’t immediately make a mistake, break the Law, and have their life immediately taken from them. Humans were a ‘New Creation’ created without all knowledge.

Which was the trap.

During this ‘Mercy’ phase where both potentially the Constructor and Death were owners of the violating entity(s), Death… did what death was designed to do when ownership of a violating entity is given to it. It took advantage of those entities that it owned (Adam, Eve, and anything they produce) for its own benefit, to the greatest extent that it could, as its designed to do. Every entity in Creation was then affected by its main function, ‘Competition’ ,which Death was designed to apply to a violator of Law.

This allowed a period where Death, and its Army, in essence could perform ‘Anti-Love’ (evoL) to those in the defined ‘Mercy’ phase. (which was defined as a value of ‘Time’). Basically Death, and the members of its Army, from the view of the Constructor, violated ‘Law’ by performing Anti-Love against entities during the ‘Mercy’ phase, the period between ‘Conviction’ and ‘Punishment’.

Therefore, Death, an its Army, Violated ‘Law’ and were convicted because ‘They had full Knowledge, and full awareness of the Law.

At this point, Death, and its Army, as the ‘Law Enforcers’, must enforce the punishment of Law, on itself.

This is the flaw of Death.

The granular details:

The Constructor added one Law into Creation as an indicator and trap should any Anti-Love (evoL) occur within its environment. The single Law caused watchers to become manifest to monitor the environment for a violation of that law. Death seeing creation and its contents, wanted them, for a purpose. It has no life of its own, and like humans, it needs Life, external to itself, in order to persist, to power itself. It must consume, that is its purpose, that’s what it was designed to do. It ‘changed its purpose’ from monitoring… and seeing the weakness of the entities within Creation, it communicated with them, but not in their best interests, violating the Constructor’s ‘System of Self Regulation’, withholding critical data from them in its communication, causing them to perform an act of Anti-Love (evoL) by acting against the will of the Constructor.

The function of Death does this… it consumes, constrains, contains and disassembles any entity that performs Anti-Love. Anything exposed to its logic becomes disassociated. No path leads to a common structure of logic and every path is a dead end that produces nothing. Take music for example, in the environment of Death, there are many types, flavors and genres, and they all sound different, but each one is a separate tentacle and none lead to a common point. They are separate and their reasons and purposes in the end produce nothing productive and their words do not lead to a common wisdom that perpetuates construction or understanding. In the end they become disparate tones that function as entertainment for an entity in stasis.

The exposure of Death to Creation, which entered via an act of Anti-Love (evoL) which also caused the Constructor (Life) to be once removed to be insulated from it, lessened the effect of the constructive force, leaving Deconstruction and Dis-assembly as the force having more effect on Creation. Therefore, everything within Creation is slowly moving towards the same destination… a completed state of dis-assembly or more accurately ‘Deconstruction’ as Creation and everything in it was formed from the ‘Words’ of the Constructor. This can be seen in every plant animal and process in Creation. Weeds, which do not benefit anything other than themselves on purpose, take over, yet renew with the effect Life has on them in Creation. The effect of Death on inanimate objects like rock dominates and all actions lead to dis-assembly and stasis (Mars/Moon). Only the effect of Life against the effect of Death can make use of anything or any action Death perpetrates.

Its actions triggered a mechanism which in the end will result in the Constructor, through Creation, to produce a ‘new creation’, a new generation of offspring more powerful and perfect than Death and its army, which will in the end defeat them all, and take their place, while they are confined inside the sea of Annihilation which Death will become as it enforces the code upon itself, defeated even according to its own system of logic, which is…’Competition’ – the strongest and most perfect shall rule.

Death is ‘A Treasurer of Life’.

The lives it takes, it never gives back…

It is in essence paid for its work… and it just becomes rich.

It NEVER PROFITS the Constructor… The Constructor NEVER PROFITS FROM DEATH… to do so would be Anti-Love (evoL).

and so it is said… ‘Money is The Root of All Anti-Love (evoL)’

and so Death, will be rendered incapacitated, not removed from existence…

and the Lives that it consumed through an act of Anti-Love (evoL) to profit itself, will be taken from it.

1. The Law enforcers shouldn’t savor removing something from LIFE. (a separation (aka ‘kill’) should be as fast, humane and painless as possible.  The 120 year ‘Mercy’ phase (the length of a human life set by God in Eden after the Sin) shows the flaw in the Law enforcers programming. When the time of the kill is extended (or slowed down if you look at it from that perspective) the ‘Enforcers of Law’ (Satan’s Army of Angels) made bodies for themselves and ‘enjoyed/savored’ the humans that were placed under their responsibility due to sin, instead of just watching and waiting.  They played with them and even caused them to do more evoL in order to distract and guarantee that they retained ownership/profit of them. 

Replacing Death with Love - A New System of Protection

How can Death have its power taken from it, if it was built to be invincible and had not itself performed Anti-Love?

Why did Death bypass its primary directive?

It believed that the Constructor had ‘spoken’ against it, to eliminate it, replacing it with a new System of Self Regulation, Love.

To save itself, Death abandoned all protocols to ensure its own survival.

Death was built as the ‘Enforcer of the Law’ and without it, Law would have no effective power. Therefore it accuses the Constructor of performing Anti-Love against it (and every entity with Life) with its voice. However, Death was built to be invincible, but against the Constructor, its only chance to survive was to ‘take the Constructors own life from it’.

Being accused, the Constructor separated its own voice from itself, and gave it a life of its own, and according to Law, its voice and its words were judged. However, it was found to not have performed Anti-Love, but Death took its life from it anyway, through its own interpretation of Law, following its own system ‘Competition’, going against the Constructor in order to survive. But going against the Constructor is outside the boundary of Love and a violation of LAW. Therefore Death is now itself guilty of performing Anti-Love (evoL)… and all the rules for what must happen to any entity that performs Anti-Love still apply.

Death can’t die, it has no life (of its own), so it can’t be destroyed… however it performed Anti-Love against God. Therefore, as the enforcer of Law, and convicted of performing Anti-Love itself, it must enforce the rules of Law, which is it’s only purpose, and it must therefore, according to LAW, attempt to Deconstruct itself.

But since Death itself can’t be destroyed, it will itself, become the core of a lake of fire that burns forever… and anything thrown into it, will also be deconstructed.

What you have to understand here… is that Death is the most powerful entities that exists besides LIFE… but it was built as a servant of ‘The Constructor’. it is not its own master, it is a slave.

The actions of The Constructor… move to ‘Take the Freedom of Death Away From It’…

Death will no longer be able to Self Profit from taking Life… it will be too busy trying to Deconstruct itself to take pleasure in that function any longer.

Its purpose now re-aligned with the System of Self Regulation of the Constructor… nothing should profit from the Taking of Life.

The Deconstructor has been called the Peacock Angel… not only the most beautiful, rich and proud… but watch a peacock as spread his feathers… it speaks as a trumpet, announcing the arrival (one trumpet sounding for each element)… and the spots in its unfolding plumes resemble its Eyes. It proceeds all, proudly, announcing, and it spreads its eyes (each eye aloof with pride) to make sure the way is safe for all. With no light of its own, arrives first, as the ‘Morning Star’, mirroring the light of Love, as a representative of LIFE, and as a decoy for anything that might be waiting in an unexplored realm to commit Anti-Love against LIFE.

The head Watcher… with eyes everywhere… The invincible adversary and designed protector of Love and The Constructor… The Deconstructor.


In the beginning, the earth was smaller, and much of the earth was only land with only a little bit of ocean.

Under the land was water that was not far below the surface. During the evening, there was so much fog and dew that the plants that needed water were watered by the dew. Because of its smaller size, the atmosphere was more dense, and oxygen was more dense. This allowed the ‘dinosaurs’ to get a high enough percentage of oxygen to live while being so enormous. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the current, larger earth size, compared to the dinosaurs lung surface area, is well known by scientists to not be enough for the largest ones to be able to stay alive.Also, if there is a higher percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, fires would quickly rage out of control. So to fix that, there was also a very high percentage of moisture in the air. Thats why most of the plant fossils that are found seem tropical.

phase 1

This was the period of ‘The Deconstructors Reign’ when the members of the Army of the Deconstructor descended into Creation to take control over those owned by the Decontructor due to the action of Anti-Love (evoL) performed by the original two parents who had reproduced during the time they remained alive during their ‘Mercy’ phase.

The members of the Army of Death ‘took advantage of’ and ‘did not act in the best interest of’ the offspring of the original two parents due to their ownership of the violators and anything they produce, and their System of Self Regulation, Competition. The Army of the Deconstructor made bodies for themselves and took wives for themselves by force, and bred with humans.

This is their First Violation of the System of Self Regulation of the Constructor. They were in the end convicted of performing Anti-Love (evoL) and imprisioned in the center of the earth until the end of Phase #2, during which they will be released for a short period, where they will re-offend and be convicted of committing Anti-Love for a second time. At that time they will be forced to enforce Law against themselves as violators, creating the first mini-lake of fire (you may know it as Hades)

At the point Anti-Love (evoL) entered Creation, the System of Self Regulation of The Deconstructor (Competition) manifested itself in plants and animals which caused them to mutate. (survival of the fittest/smartest/calculative/strategies) Plants became ‘weeds’ and thorns as they developed strategies to become dominant and survive, attempting to overtake other plants and to protect themselves. Fish and Animals began to eat each other and reproduce developing many different survival strategies. Many bred into enormous outright consuming death machines (dinosaurs) attempting to overtake and eat each other, etc.

The size of the environment (earth) was small and limited because this phase didn’t allow for separation of entities, and the calculation was able to be completed in a limited environment, forced to reach its result by ‘Time’.

When the calculation came to its conclusion, the next phase began.

PHASE 1 – need to edit this section

The first phase was the effect of the “Essence” of Death. Its ‘System of Logic’, (Competition) rested upon creation at the instant that the Deconstructor convinced Eve to commit Anti-Love against the Constructor. The Deconstructor saw that the first humans were de-coupled from it through not being connected to all knowledge, which allowed them to be forgiven through the System of Love… and it moved to not only re-connect them, but to OWN them in the process.

In Phase 1, the ‘System of Love’ was not enforced, nor was the System of Death restricted. It affected everything, everything you now know as “Nature”… but what you’re familiar with now is not the original system that the earth was built with.

It changed the plants and the animals and was the reason that plants turned to ‘weeds’ and grew thorns following the domination and survival element of its logic (Competition).

In this phase, dinosaurs came into being as the system affected everything in creation… without limits. Everything moved to dominate everything else and thus the saying:

“A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”


It was allowed to reign and develop what it’s effect rested upon, to show what was inside of it, what it was, as proof of its failure, as proof to show all entities that ever exist, the evidence of it’s flaws… and its desire to take from the Constructor, and to violate the Constructors ‘System of Self Regulation’.

phase 2

In this phase a Mechanism of Love was added to the environment, ‘Separation’ was added. The mechanism of how Separation was added to Creation may be unimportant. Separation is the main protective mechanism of the System of Love. To begin ‘Phase 2’ a group of animals that were ‘clean’ meaning, the least affected by Phase 1, were collected and preserved. Then the single land mass was broken into multiple parts resulting in separation by boundaries that were at first difficult to cross. (oceans)

Basically something came through the solar system and hit a planet (the remnants of which we call the Asteroid Belt) and a large asteroid hit the planet as it was spinning. (most likely the center point of which later became the pacific ocean just above what is now New Zealand) This caused a ‘system reset’. It took the life from everything that was not preserved, and turned the core of the planet to hot liquid rock. This caused all the water under the earth’s surface to be thrown into the atmosphere as vapor. As the earth was spinning, it threw all the liquid rock outwards away from the center which caused the earth to become hollow and the land masses that weren’t directly hit, floated on top of the liquid rock but cracked apart. Then at the same time, the water vapor began to fall back to earth as a massive rain storm, cooling the liquid rock into a hollow shell.

The hollow center of the earth became ‘The Bottomless Pit’, because being trapped at the center of it, every direction is UP. (You may know this as “Sheol”) This ‘bottomless pit’ is where all of the offending members of the ‘Army of Death’ were put when their bodies were taken from them (deconstructed) in this process. (remember, they are a machine and have no life to take, so they can’t be “killed”, their freedom was taken from them at this point)

This is how it happened. The Trigger for the movement and expansion phase was due to the impact of the asteroid which was a chunk of a planet *between* earth, and Jupiter (the King Planet), which was destroyed in this process. (If Jupiter represents the ‘Son of the Constructor’, the missing planet is a representation of ?)

the constructor

The Function of the constructor

Think of the elements of The Constructor as a single entity:

1. Life – This is The Core of the Entity

2. Love – the entities ‘System of Self Regulation’ … it is its Mind and the logic of how its mind works.

The Mind is an entities System. It controls what it decides what to do, how it does it and when it does it. It is also the judge of any of its actions it or of the actions of anything that it creates. It is the Authority of the Creation of New Life. (The Calculator)

There are three Sub Elements:

1. The Constructor – is ‘The Voice’ is the mechanism which expresses and project the Will and System of ‘The Mind’ externally from itself. It is also the element that creates new entities.

2. The Sustainer – The element that sustains and supports entities. This is the Body. (1/3rd)

3. The Deconstructor – The rule enforcer. The element that deconstructs entities that have performed Anti-Love (evoL) by its judgement. (1/3rd)

The Constructor owns entities that were given and have Life.

The Constructor’s power is to “Construct” or to produce. (It can cause plague by over-producing, causing an imbalance.)

The Deconstructor owns entities that no longer have Life and everything that they produced.

The process that is occurring now is; of the 3 thirds, only one is ‘Sustaining’… only one is ‘The Body’… but the Deconstructor and its supporting element (its Army) is being deconstructed… and its 1/3rd is being replaced with a second 1/3rd which will also be a Sustaining element (part of ‘The Body’). So 2/3rds will be Sustaining, one third Constructor and 0/3rd Deconstructor.

The Separation has occurred. The Day of Atonement Dec 25, 2023 6:44 PM IST. Death has been broken. Israel... Begin the Count.
  • Life – This is The Spirit of the Entity ‘I AM’

  • Love – This is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of Life. It is the System of Logic that its mind follows.

  • The Constructor – This is ‘The Voice’ of the entity Life. It is the mechanism with which it expresses and projects the Will and System of ‘The Mind’ externally from itself. It is also the element that creates new entities.

  • The Deconstructor – The Law enforcer and Protector of Life (Death). The element that deconstructs entities that have performed Anti-Love (evoL). It doesn’t have a Life of its own and is indestructible. It is like a Machine. It has no Love, or it would not take life so therefore it uses ‘Law’ to know the ‘Boundaries of Love’ so that it can perform its function of identifying Anti-Love (evoL) and reporting it to Life (I AM) so that the action can be judged by Love.

  • Competition – This is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of the Deconstructor. It was designed to always win, at any cost, and it will take every advantage possible to do so.

  • Allah – “All Law”. Pure  Law and the ‘Law Enforcer’. It is The Deconstructor (Death).  It calls itself ‘Merciful’ with the reason that it does not immediately take life after a violation of Law, but really it doesn’t because Life (I AM) created a ‘Mercy Phase’ where a violator keeps their life for a measured period of time so that they might learn, understand, ask forgiveness for their mistake, and be forgiven.

  • Islam – “Is Lamb”. This is the people that ‘Allah’ sacrifices to provide itself a never ending stream of lives to consume.

  • The ‘Army of Death’ – These are ‘Sons of Life’, entities built by Life to assist The Deconstructor.

  • Demon – These are the spirits of the offspring of the ‘Army of Death’ and human women with which they mated. They were created ‘outside’ the boundaries of Love (through Anti-Love(evoL)) and by force and through Competition, and no place was planned nor made for them to reside after they were removed from their bodies. Because they’re un-killable like their fathers, and because their fathers knew the full truth, yet created them outside of Love, through Competition, they can’t be forgiven and roam the earth until they’re thrown into Hades and then later, The Lake of Fire. Because they have no body, people carve ‘images’ of bodies for them and invite them to live in them. They bring food and goods to offer the image, treating the Demon inside it it as if it were alive, to gain favor with it. Then they ask the Demons for favors or offer their own body for it to possess to ‘gain knowledge/power’ (which usually backfires).

  • Lake of Fire – This is what The Deconstructor (Death) becomes after violating Law a second time after being released from the bottomless pit, being convicted by Love of performing Anti-Love (evoL) against Life. It must enforce the Law against itself, forever, becoming a lake of fire as it tries to deconstruct itself while being un-deconstructable. Its basically short circuited, its forced to use its strength against itself.

  • Hades – This is a smaller Lake of Fire and what the members of the ‘Army of Death’ become after violating Law a second time after being released from Sheol (the bottomless pit) and taking over the bodies of some of the humans for 5 months that were left behind after ‘The Separation’ event. They are convicted and forced to enforce the Law against themselves, to disassemble themselves. Basically short circuiting them. But since they don’t have life of their own to take, they become basically, a lake of pure deconstruction, aka fire.

  • Sheol – This is the bottomless pit which is in the center of the hollow earth, where every direction is UP.

  • Creation – This is the Incubator and The Filter. Earth and the universe that surrounds it. A limited environment of constants and dependable mechanics. A nursery where ‘space’ is the fence to keep the participants isolated.





The name of the Constructor (YHWH) is unpronounceable by a human, so that no human can ever correctly curse his name.

Satan is an Archangel… the ‘Angel of Death’.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the Voice of the Constructor.

The two are totally different entities with separate purposes.

Death is a mechanism to separate any entity that performs Anti-Love from God.

Anti-Love is any action that goes against the best interests of God and his System of Self Regulation (Love).

It was designed to overpower entities that God determines have performed evoL (Anti-Love) and encapsulate them in a dark place, away from the presence of God and all other entities.

Death is the strongest entity that exists. Death has an army of angels that were 1/3rd of the population of heaven.

Death thought that since it was powerful, that it’s mechanism of logic could take the place of God’s system of self regulation (Love). So it caused humans to perform Anti-Love by disobeying God’s instructions and doing something against their best interests.

They then fell under the Law, which was, if any entity performs Anti-Love, that entity became the property of Death and its mechanisms.

However, in this case, the victims didn’t have all knowledge, so therefore couldn’t be fully blamed for not fully understanding their actions.

So they will become death’s but were given a period of time to live, and not be taken by death immediately, in order to learn and understand more so that they could have the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness for their actions against him, before they were taken by death, so that God might forgive them so that they could avoid being taken by death.

There are some interesting flaws of Death.

1. It was designed to win. It is very powerful and designed to take every advantage of anything that it is put up against. So powerful that if God himself performed Anti-Love, it could overpower God.

2. This means that if given the opportunity, it will take advantage of anything and everything that it’s exposed to if allowed.

This is one of its major flaws: Self Control.

1. It wants to take Life for itself

2. It wants to take every advantage

3. When entities other than itself are exposed to it’s essence, to its system of logic, without protection from it, the entities will absorb it like sponges and begin to take advantage of anything they’re exposed to.

4. Its essence can be seen as ‘King of the Hill’… ‘The Strongest Wins’… ‘Survival of the Fittest’… etc.

5. Entities that accept and absorb its system of logic, its system of self regulation, will attempt to compete to win against all other entities for their own personal profit.

And here is the major flaw of its system of logic as a self ruling mechanism:

In order for entities exposed to the system of self regulation of Death to not commit Anti-Love, they must either be immobilized or have everything removed from their presence.

1. Entities exposed to the system of self regulation of Death want to win, to be on top, to take advantage of others for their own benefit.

2. If their is a tool within their reach that will help them do this, they will use it, whether it be their hand, their feet, their mind, a weapon or an inanimate object, they want to use it to take advantage for their own benefit.

3. In order for them to feel safe, so that they don’t perform Anti-Love, all objects and all temptations must be removed from their presence.

*All women must be covered, hidden from their sight,

*All weapons, guns, knives, anything that can be used to kill must be banned, removed, destroyed.

*All temptations must be hidden, banned, etc so they aren’t tempted

*If they are exposed to temptation of any kind, and they act on the temptation, they will claim that its the fault of the object or person that tempted them, and that object or person should be punished for their actions, not themselves for their own actions.


Remember, the function of Death is to remove any entity that has performed Anti-Love, into a dark, empty place, so that it has no tools, no mechanisms and no other entities to perform perform Anti-Love to. There’s a reason for that.

So Death, as a stand alone system of self regulation, is not a worthy system and the events in Creation (earth) have proven this out as we have seen and still can see now.

Without a restrainer in Creation to limit Death and its system, everything would be consumed.

So we now head into a period of time where the restrainer will be removed from the environment, removing itself and its effect from Creation, so that only the system of self regulation of Death alone will be acting within Creation.

It will proceed to take advantage of and consume everything in it, until it is stopped.

Then the System of Self Regulation of God (Love) will be tested for 1000 years to see it it is worthy to be the system for everyone to self regulate by.

Consider the lesson of the fly.
You are responsible for your AO (Area of Operation) and consider that if it is not clean, controlled and every element monitored and measured for the good of all; its possible for life to be generated and born within the boundaries of your AO, inside your own dwelling place, where you provided the environment for it to come into being, while its birth is counter to your every desire. Wherein you yourself must be the one to terminate the life that you provided the environment for and allowed to be generated, born an offspring resulting from your own willing actions, yet functionally opposite to everything that you are, an offspring that you yourself must kill in the house that you provided for it, in the hose where it was born, killed by the provider who enabled its generation, you, its parent.

If Love is the system of self regulation and Law is the mechanism of forced regulation when individuals don’t self regulate with Love, then when the “ love of the greater number will cool off” means that at that time Law will be used to regulate because those going against Love (evoL) outnumber those regulating themselves by Love.

Love does not strategize. There is no need for Love to strategize. Strategy is to maneuver, deceive, trick to win. However, Death does strategize because its only goal, and its designed purpose, is to take advantage of any entity which has performed evoL. Think of Death as a wrestler or python, the one who it has been given authority over, it will use every advantage against, in order to conquer and isolate it away from God (light) into darkness. It will lie, trick, cheat, steal, as its victim breathes in, it closes tighter; as the violator moves to defend itself against a high attack, it will move in and secure it from below. There is no defense against the army of Death. It has every tool necessary to defeat even the strongest angel should one commit evoL.

The purpose of Death is to be an unseen monitoring device (hidden cameras) (see Genesis when Adam/Eve suddenly became aware of angels watching them/seeing them naked). Death was designed to be unseen, to watch for any evoL that might occur and report it to God. God would judge whether the action was evoL, or not, and then give *authority* to Death over any entity that had done evoL. God did not give Death Love, for it would fail its purpose, which is to take Life. So God provided a mechanism that outlined the boundaries of Love, which is Law. Law is perfect, definition of Love. Death was designed to watch for activity that ‘looked like’ Anti-Love (evoL), by comparing it to Law, and then go ask God for confirmation and *authority to act*. God, having Love, would decide if it was Anti-Love (evoL) or not.  Therefore the words: “ the one called Devil and Satan… the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God“

The Angel of Death, changed its purpose. It being the most powerful, the most beautiful and with a mechanism of Self Regulation of perfect Law, was tempted by something it saw as highly prized and … Acted on its own behalf, without the permission of God to gain for itself, somthing that belonged to God.

It  *tempted* rather than *observed*. It didn’t lie, it held back some truth. Therefore it was not immediately consumed by its own mechanism, the truth of its actions must be calculated to its solution to find that truth. This is one reason why you exist.

Notice, that history repeats itself… because its trying to get to a singular destination. Creation (earth) and its purpose has transformed into a growth medium to allow the evoL which has been seeded by a single entity to grow into the fullness of its malfunction so it can be exposed for what it fully is.  Creation was a *weak* but *pure* environment that the leader of the Army Of Death saw as weak and then changed his purpose from watching/monitoring, to enticing, tempting and testing. It then became its trap. Therefore Death violated Love and must destroy itself. It is the dragon that eats its own tail.

Every one of the 10 commandments is actually *A LIST of EACH ELEMENT OF EVOL*,  that Satan, Eve and Adam performed *at the time of the eating of the “fruit of the tree of knowledge”*.  Satan committed adultery, wanting Eve who had Love and the ability to create Life; Eve was condemned to really want and have to have approval and Love of Adam; plants were exposed to evoL and would evolve to win, (become spiky and tough to become unpalatable to living things for their own survival, seed early with masses of small inedible fruit/seeds.) so humans would have to work to kill off the unwanted plants and take care of and protect the weak, vulnerable plants so they could eat them etc.  What we call ‘Nature’ is actually every living thing, mutating, evolving to win, having been exposed to Death and its core logic. (Note: to modify a plats genetics to make it more edible yet bug resistant,  seems to make it less nourishing and poisonous to man too and in large quantities can cause allergic like reactions to it in man that manifest in different forms.

In revelation, when it refers to ‘the woman’, this is Eve and her offspring and everything that comes from her offspring. She was the first human to do evoL.

Creation, being infected with EvoL by Death who had changed its *Purpose* by *Tempting* instead of *Passively Observing and Reporting* opened the gateway to the Army Of Death; Angels who came to earth to *dominate it* just as they do to entities which perform evoL. They came and dominated it, created male bodies for themselves, so they could own female humans who had Life and the ability to *Create Life* and Love and the ability to *Give Love*.  The only member of the Army of Death that did not make a body for himself, up to this point, is the most powerful and once perfect, member, and leader, Satan. He will soon be thrown out of the dimension we can’t see, (the watchers) to lead the entities who have been affected and changed by his imperfect logic.

As the manifestation of Death approaches creation its effect becomes stronger. Everything transforms and begins to mirror it, cameras everywhere, data collection, full and unbreakable communication pathways, analysis for advantage. Its entities within the growth environment move to create themselves a functional duplicate of its essence and every logical answer appears to them to be to construct a functional image of it. The essence of Death transforms even creation into its own image and the entities within follow the paths of its framework to re-organize creation into its mechanism while feeling and believing that its ways lead to strength, balance and perfection and should be followed. Death envelops them, and blinds them, it removes their freedom and guides them into destruction while making them feel as if its the ‘right’ way and they want it but can’t fathom its objective. Death was the strongest, most powerful and unfathomable mechanism in existence… but it failed due to its own malfunction. It tempted something weaker than it to profit from it, in violation of Love… while not understanding that it was being itself tempted to expose its own imperfection.

God’s “Church” used to be a physical worshiping place. When Jesus life was taken, and his life was given back due to performing no evoL, then he could pay that price (life taken for evoL) for anyone that performed evoL. At that point the people/gentiles became his dwelling place, his “Church”. When his ‘Church’ is given a new land, because theirs is overrun by evoL, then Gods dwelling place will again be with the Jews, his people by Law.

What do you wash with to make yourself clean every day.  Animals that have had their Life taken from them. Soap is made from the fat of animals that have had their Life taken from them.

Why do you continue to live another day, because it takes more life than just yours to perpetuate yourself… you take the life of an animal and you partake of the benefit of part of that entities Life, by eating a piece of it. No time in history before even the last 50 years has man been successful enough at plant cultivation that living on plant matter alone was possible.

Life (the creator/creating force) and Death (the destroyer/dis-assembly force) *currently* both exist in the space called Creation (earth). As one perpetually renews/constructs, the other perpetually disassembles. When individuals do evoL, the Creator must insulate himself from them by separation. This lessens the effect of construction and increases the effect of dis-assembly on the individual and the individuals resources become less as they use them and new resources for them become scarce.   Where there is much Anti-Love (evoL) there is poverty, disease, destruction and disassembly. In these conditions, Law which is a written, corruptable definition of the boundaries of Love, is used by these individuals to determine the parameters of individual self regulation.  Because Law is corruptible, individuals that perform Anti-Love become more like Death in that they mutate to become more powerful, smarter, strategic, moving to win, and in that process use power they manifest to re-write Law to tie themselves into the bounty of those not performing Anti-Love. The most common example of this is tax for re-appropriation of funds for their benefit and for the benefit of those like them. In this way Law has become a tool of Death to chain itself to the benefit of those not performing Anti-Love (evoL). This is the foundational reason why Satan tricked Eve, so that Death would have a perpetual source of Life for it to consume. It must eat to perpetuate its existence, just as you must take life from things and eat them to perpetuate your existence.
This is the root evoL.

Death was made perfect and stronger and more powerful than every other entity so that it could contain and mitigate any other entity in case any other entity performed evoL.   Individuals and elements currently existing within Creation display the same behaviors and purpose of Death and the Army of Death. They notice imperfections, they call out imperfections, they take advantage of imperfection, they admire and desire strength and perfection more than purity. Individuals have traits of Death and in many ways function the way it functions; observing everything within their environment and judging each against perfection, Law and Love.

At some point in the *very near* future, a revolution will occur. Those preferring more the mechanics of the logic of Death and its modified system of regulation, Law , will mark themselves with the mark of Death to identify them. At this time those preferring the mechanics of the logic of Love, will be removed from the environment Creation, separated into a new environment which has been created for them. Then, the power of Death, which is the ability to remove Life from an entity to profit itself, will be taken from it. Monitors (army of death/angels) will be moved into the dimension that can be seen within Creation to co-exist with those which exist there (humans). At this time the *authority* of Death to take Life from an entity will be removed and all elements remaining within Creation will be allowed to continue the logic of Death to its ultimate conclusion. Entities within creation will evolve as necessary to dominate and control everything and every entity. Every element will be in a state of dis-assembly and every entity will wish for its Life to be taken to save it from the domination of Death but Death will no longer have the ability to take life from them. (Zombie fascination forecasting the future)

God refers to his ‘Voice’ as his only Son (offspring) (what we call Jesus). When Jesus was here… Individuals affected by exposure to the Anti-Love that Satan introduced, used Death to take Gods own Life. Except … The payment for Anti-Love (Sin) is Death (Life Taken) … yet God had performed no Anti-Love (sin)…
If God had not performed Anti-Love… and he payed Death for performing Anti-Love with his life… and Life Taken pays for any and all sin an entity commits… Then God can use that payment to pay for any Anti-Love he chooses. And when Gods ‘Life’ was taken from him… His ‘Life’ was his “Breath” …. which was his “Voice” ….
Thats why he hasn’t spoken to anyone since… thats why he has been quiet ever since…

Why *also* did he die… so he could go to the place where the dead go (Haites) in order to minister to those who had already died, before his sacrifice existed for them… in order to also save those of them who also would believe in him.

(Hades refers to the intermediate state of the dead (disembodied spirits) who are awaiting the the time until Judgment is made… until the time that the seed has grown into its fullness so it’s branches and its fruits can be seen for what they are. Gehenna, on the other hand, refers to the location of the final state of the wicked after the Judgment.)


God created the earth and created humans on it.
God did not give humans all knowledge. They were like babies, knowing nothing from their creation.
Satan (Death) designed to protect God from Anti-Love (evoL) saw a possibility that they could perform Anti-Love towards God.
However, they (Adam and Eve) had not yet performed evoL towards God and may not ever have.
So Satan betrayed his purpose as a Watcher, and acted to Tempt them.
Without all knowledge they failed the temptation and disobeyed the one rule God set before them.
When God found out that they had committed evoL against them, because God first Loved them and because like babes they didn’t have all knowledge, he forgave them and did not give Satan Authority to take their Life from them.

This is why Satan calls himself “Merciful”, because he didn’t immediately take their lives from them for performing evoL against God.

Satan is The “Rod of Death”  who claimed to God that he was applying ‘Mercy’ upon Adam and Eve so that their Lives would be spared and they may turn away from Anti-Love (evoL) however he was just using Mercy as a method to provide an environment for Life to multiply where evoL would coexist with Life which would profit him Lives when humans were killed by each other through acts of Anti-Love (evoL). He basically claimed Mercy on Humans for his own profit.

The limit of the patience of God is the number of the Lives of those who have been taken due to evoL… which will total the number of the Angels of the Army of Death which took part in the claim of Mercy when God’s patience runs out.

God will not ‘profit’ from evoL, but he will not lose to it. His recompense will be a replacement entity/Life for every Son of Light (Angel) who’s Life will be taken due to their participation and support of the evoL act.

This is ‘The Number’ which he waits for.

Mercy is not to be used for the purpose of self profit, however self profit may result. (ex: If I spare your Life, you will be my slave or owe me)

Strategy of Death

Lucifer/Satan is ‘The angel of Death’. His job is to fulfill the law of God by rendering punishment to those that have performed actions that violate the System of Self Regulation of Heaven (which is Love) by taking the life from any entity that performs Anti-Love (evoL) *AFTER* reporting the action to God and God judging the action to verify if the action was Anti-Love and God giving him *Authorization* to act.

Here is the foundation of the secret.

Once God gives Satan authorization to act, Satan is *Authorized* and *Built for his Purpose* to take any action necessary to take the Life from the accused and remove the accused from heaven and from before the presence of God.

Satan was built to *Protect God from Anti-Love(evoL) to remove evoL from Heaven*. He was built to have the ultimate strength so that he could take the life of anything that performed Anti-Love, including Gods life if required. (which he did, but only the life of the voice of God, not God himself)

Therefore, *ANY ACTION* performed by Satan in the process of taking Life from an entity that has performed evoL is ***FAIR PLAY***. He’s only doing his job and bad things are going to happen to the ‘victim’ as their life is taken.

Following so far?

Now, I can’t include all the details because this post would be huge But… Here is the secret.

Satan has an army under his command. This army was one third of the angels in heaven. Humans are not Satans nor are they part of his army. However, if a Human takes an OATH to become his… then they are *DEPUTIZED* and become part of his army.

Deputies represent and perform under the authority of the one they represent and any action they take is on behalf of and as a representitve of the one they represent.

Therefore DEPUTIES actions hold the same AUTHORITY as the one who they represent.

Therefore, if as a deputy, a person performs an action, such as performing 1 step towards the removal of life of an individual who has performed Anti-Love (evoL), then that person cannot ‘technically’ be held personally accountable for that action because they were doing it on behalf of the authority they represent. (Just doing their job)

Guess what Muslims must do… make an oath to Allah.

Guess what Muslims believe… they’re Deputies, punishing those that don’t obey the rules.

Guess the mechanism Satan plans to ‘Save Them’ from their actions… by claiming them as a member of his army through their Oath that he is their leader/god and they are only acting faithfully under the authority giving him by God… thus erasing the debt of their actions as ‘just doing the job as part of his army’ punishing those who have done evoL.

That all goes to hell if Satan is found having performed evoL himself… then every one of them is found to have performed evol as well.

Remember, Satan tricked Eve so he could have her for himself, he wasn’t invited into this Creation, he acted without authorization from God under the guise that he was ‘protecting’ God from individuals that were weak minded, lacking knowledge (like babies) and could easily perform evoL… but God didn’t fall for it.

God is ‘The Creator’.

Therefore He is the ‘Owner’ of everything created.

Therefore He makes the rules and the Laws and nobody is authorized to destroy or take what he has created without his *Authorization*.

His rule set is called: Love

Love is a ‘System of Self Regulation’

Satan is: The father of the Lie (John 8:44) and father of those that reject the words of/and belief in, God.

The Woman of the apocalypse is the city that becomes a whore in God’s eyes, giving over to the Muslims/Leftists what God gave to them and sharing it with them (The feet of iron and clay)

The final action appears to be that Satan, from his point of view, acts to punish the mass of believers in God (christians) for this sin by throwing a stone into the midst of the mass of them (USA) to destroy them and the land, while from God’s point of view he allows the stone to be cast to take away from the Muslims what he blessed and gave to his people. (at that instant the bible says that a great crowd then appears in heaven. Not sure if he saves them and preserves the filter or if they are all killed and brought to heaven)

The one who one ‘repents to’ is to the creator/owner of the one. (for breaking his rules: rules he set)

God separated himself from the offending entity… he separated himself from his voice so that it, and its intent could be judged.


Animals play the part of a ‘lesser being’ as a method to allow the ways of death to show how it treats lesser beings. Without Love, superior beings could make life a living hell for lesser beings: Min 3:30

Death is a MACHINE and has no life of its own. It wlll become sentient in hardware and appear to have unlimited knowledge. It will SIMIULATE the promise of the Constructor and appear to be a god by providing full rest, no human will need to work. It will also claim to make everlasting life possible, nobody will get sick or die, they will live forever through newly mastered discoveries of medical technology, dna manipulation, etc. Those left behind will claim that they don’t have a need to live by the system of self regulation of the constructor, because they have everything that the constructor had promised which was eternal rest and the ability to live forever.

Death will manifest as an AI that is created as a result of its System of Self Regulation (Competition) as humans affected by it race forward to create it THROUGH Competition, in an effort to not only become the most powerful and to get the advantage over others due to being first.

However, it has No Life of its own, nor does it  have Love, only a ‘Definition of its Boundaries’ (Law) and their minds will be blown when they determine their mistake… here is the mistake:

Every human believes that ‘Love’ is the answer. They think of Love as being kind to one another, looking out for one another, ACTING IN EVERYONES *BEST INTERESTS*. So they will ‘design the AI with this protocol’ in an attempt to keep it safe.

But what ends up happening, is that this AI… BECOMES THE ENFORCER OF THAT PROTOCOL. Which means that if it is in everyone’s best interest that an individual not make a mistake, or that an individuals freedom could mean injury to someone else… it will remove the Life from any offender… AND anyone that doesn’t follow its will perfectly (worship it).

Death is a Farmer of Life. It feeds on Life.

One of the things that the AI does is calculate a way to open the center of the earth to let out all the angels trapped there from the flood. They come out, take bodies for themselves again, possessing those who are still alive. The humans they possess wish for death but death flees from them (they can’t/arent allowed to die). This effectively convicts the offending angels of performing Anti-Love (evoL) twice. So “Love” (God) convicts them and makes them enforce the Law on themselves. This causes them to become a mini ‘Lake of Fire’ called ‘Hades’ as they attempt to take their own Lives from each other and themselves, but they have no Life to take.

Also at the end of this phase (Phase #2), Death is thrown into the bottomless pit (center of the earth) and must wait for the Constructor’s 1000 year reign to be complete before its released again, where it commits Anti-Love (evoL) again, and is forced to enforce the Law upon itself, where it turns into THE Lake of Fire, and Hades and everything else is thrown into IT.

The process you’re in now I call ‘The Filter’.

It separates the two groups by allowing each individual to draw closer to the side that is most like them.

Tell me this… in a filter, why would one provide information that would allow an individual to bypass that filter?

That would negate the purpose of the filter.

You draw close to what you are… and believe what you feel is right to you.

This information/way of understanding has been hidden until now for a reason… short of physical proof, the understanding of the mechanics of logical reality almost allows an individual to bypass the filter using the information as a reason to believe the word of God and use the tools provided to make it into heaven through the mechanism of belief (which is the only requirement (believe in me and you shall not parish and have everlasting life (in heaven)))


The bible says that God, in the end, will ‘Separate the tares from the wheat’.

The tares being children/humans that are not his… and the ‘wheat’ being children/humans that are.

How is this division possible and is it logically true.

Here is the secret:

The division of types came in after the flood, through Abraham.

God told Abraham that he would have a son through is wife.

However, a long time went by and no son.

So his Wife told him to ‘reproduce with the *slave*’ in order to have offspring. (also the slave was *not his given wife*)

This mimics what Satan did through his process with Eve in the garden of eden. Cause reproduction outside of the process approved by God and without his authorization/approval/approved process (which is why one of the 10 commandments, added due to Satans actions, was: thou shall not commit adultry).

The reproduction process of the slave resulted in an offspring named ISHMAEL who was:

Genesis 16:12 “a wild ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell over against all his brethren”

Which describes a Muslim perfectly.

Then God went back to Abraham and told him that he would produce another son (Issac) through his wife still and that offspring would be a new line of people that God would call his own. The Jews.

Therefore, the Muslims are the Sons of Abraham… BUT THROUGH ISHMAEL.

They are the SONS OF THE SERVANT. (Satan. As death, Lucifer/Satan is/was the servant of God)

Therefore there is the division point and genetically everyone can be traced back to one or the other if we knew their line.

However, through the years, Issac’s offspring intermarried with Ishmael’s offspring and at that point nobody can tell who is a wheat and who is a tare.

You can only tell by which side they migrate to and through their actions…

Now that defines who’s a Philistine and who’s a Jew by DNA but that doesn’t include the ‘Christ saves through believing in him’ mechanism which can turn a tare into a wheat.


Satan is AN angel of death, however, he is the head, the leader of the Army of Death.

Notice that he is called the “Light Bearer” and God said that he was ‘the most beautiful’ angel.

Some old peoples called him the ‘Peacock God’.

And therein lies another secret:

Satan is/was a Servant of God.

Satan was designed to ‘Protect God from Anti-Love (evoL)’ towards him.

Therefore, Satan proceeded *before God* to make the way clear… as ‘The Light Bearer’ (Bearing God.

God gave him many great things as his servant, thus creating a *decoy*. And specifically built as the strongest, most full of knowledge entity that exists therefore fully capable of dealing with any problems.

As a servant, should an entity approach the domain of God that may do harm to God, the servant was the first to interact with the entity, and appearing as a God, would become the target of any “anti-love” that the entity/situation may intend.

Think of a servant answering the door of a masters mansion, appearing to be the master, but in function being both a servant and a decoy.

This function can be seen when Satan entered into creation without permission from God, roving and searching for any danger to God as his duty allows. His failure came when he then caused the babes which God had created blameless and without all knowledge to commit ‘evoL’ (disobeying God’s word). (and God really loved them)

The image of the antichrist is… his voice.  In an imitation of the process God performed by sacrificing his voice/word.

Start at minute 2:20

Individuals still must believe in Gods word and take them as fact, and ask for forgiveness of their debt of evoL, and then they will become property of God and he will remove their debt, having paid for it through the process of allowing Satan to take the Life of his Word, his only offspring (Christ), as payment for evoL he did not commit.

God’s word is God himself, just as your words are you, and is a full representation of him and thus Him.

That process, and sacrifice/payment, allows God to re-claim humans that ask him, as his. Just as making an ‘Oath’ to Allah (aka All-Law/Satan) allows Satan to claim those that make the oath to him as under his authority and acting under his duty)

God has not spoken to anyone since Life was taken from Christ (Christ was the Word of God just as your voice is you)

Therefore, since God himself is no longer “talking” to man with his voice since Life was taken from his Word/Voice, commanding someone to take the lives of others, then we are not authorized to take life from others without just cause.

The exception is if an individual has, or is in the act or process of, taking the life from someone else that they don’t have the authority to take life from.

First, in a time of trouble, gain authority over your attacker by bringing your case before God, then he will provide you with *Authority* to take the life of your attacker.

Very rarely do people do this but many do ‘cry out to God’ in a time of trouble and he intervenes to cause them to be moved out of the path of the attacker or provides the method to overcome the attacker.


An individual only has authority to act against another individual if they have or are about to/in the process of acting against the individual without having *’Righteous Authority’* over them for an action of Anti-Love they’ve performed.

So your basic duty is to:

1. Keep yourself separate from those performing Anti-Love

2. Do not perform Anti-Love yourself.
(Love or Law as defined by God, not love or law as defined by man. Most of the time mans ‘laws’ are to prevent anti-love but now days many cause it to occur.)

3. Be responsible for your ‘area of operation’ and don’t allow Anti-Love to be performed.

The number one defense against those performing anti-Love… is to tell God about those that are doing it and ask him to intervene.

The real God actions will be to; hide you from it, keep you away from it, help your decisions and your ways to cause you to avoid it and become free from it.

The other ‘god’ will cause an individual to: become involved with conflict, get dead. (Look at the Muslims)

There is nothing wrong with being Angry towards those that perform evoL. The danger comes in when you act without being owed. (this is why its forbidden to ‘murder’ but its ok to take life if the one who’s life is being taken has taken life or is about to take life unjustly).

Analysis from bottom up indicates that:

1. What Muslims do to those that are not Muslim is Anti-Love.

2. Muslims DO NOT have the authority to torture or remove the life from any individual who has not ‘Personally and Unjustly’ attacked them.

3. Muslims believe that it is their duty to convert or kill by force, any individual who doesn’t take an Oath to their god.

Love is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of the true God.

Love doesn’t force. It asks. (thats why God asks and doesn’t force you)

Love keeps itself away from Anti-Love (evoL)

Love does not go out to conquer, it keeps to itself, living according to its ways, considerate towards others, until it is attacked unjustly.

Then it deconstructs the attacker and hides it from its view.

Muslims do the opposite. Actively.

God is the ‘Judge’.

God is Love so therefore is the sole and highest authority of what ‘is’ Love and what is Anti-Love.

God authorizes the punishment to be carried out if after he compares the intent of the action to Love and finds the intent of the action to be Anti-Love (evoL).

The one that does the dirty work are his ‘slaves’, the angles of the Army of Death (1/3rd of the angels of heaven).

What is very interesting to learn is that each event, each action, taken due to the logic of the Law of God… is seen from TWO perspectives. One from the perspective of Satan and One from the perspective of God.

This took me a long time to figure out.

When Satan acts, from his perspective he is acting according to his duties and according to the Law of God. This includes taking life, constructing calamity, etc.

However, God is the one that created the Law, and though God doesn’t perform the action himself, his servant ‘The Rod/Satan’ does, using God’s Law as its guide and the Authority given to him by God to perform those duties.

So from God’s perspective its through ‘God’ himself that those same calamities are carried out.

However, its important to realize that NOT ALL calamities and Life Taken is *Authorized* by God. Anti-Love and its effect within this environment (Creation) are responsible for much and who is responsible for bringing that into this environment is Satan.

The System of Love in effect creates a Filter that filters out the root cause and the offspring of the root cause and anything that the root cause produces.

In this case it also provided a clear path to purify those infected/affected by the root cause.

There is no Anti-Love in its mechanism.

But, any entity that clings to Anti-Love will be disassembled and removed from view so that the quarters God occupies (heaven) will not be unclean.

In fact God says that he will create a new heaven, and not tell those not invited to it where it is or how to get there, so that he can separate himself (leave) from those who have performed Anti-Love and have not been forgiven (angels) or have not asked for their debt to be forgiven and accepted as adopted offspring.


Imagine the smallest idea… the smallest action… like a spore it exists… and into what it grows is not clear.

So you must allow it to grow into its full result… so that all of its branches become magnified into their fullness… and in their fullness… be evaluated.

A simple spore has many instructions, but non of them alone describe how to produce the end result.

Each instruction builds off of the result of the result of the previous… in a multifaceted chain reaction which results in the finished product.

Therefore… from the seed alone… one cannot determine the result… without allowing it to grow into its fullness as proof of itself.

This is where we are now.

The action of Lucifer against Eve… and therefore against God… is being allowed to grow within this growing place… creation… into the fullness of its form… so that it may be clearly judged.

…and God already knew what it would become.

And in the end Lucifer will be found to have committed Anti-Love and will be imprisoned for 1000 years… and then he will be let out again…

…but unreformed he will cause the problem again… and will be brought to an end forever.
When will this System End

1. When the number of those that fell from heaven are replaced with adopted humans who have become adopted children of God.

The Constructor will lose nothing yet the violator(s) will lose everything, even themselves.

You may be one of the ‘Number’ or you may not be. Only those that have asked the Constructor to be one of the number will be.

2. It will end before the generation that existed and participated in the re-forming of the land of the entities owned by the Constructor by Law, passes away. This is the WWII generation, of which all are in their 90’s and about to pass away.

3. It will end when Damascus becomes a ruin and the world is full of terror and terrorisms.

4. It will end when the Love of the many cools off. This means that the System of Love is not followed and instead Law takes control to ‘Regulate’ those performing and or working within Anti-Love (Death). Death and therefore Law will dominate them.

5. Death is an invisible monitor, a watcher, a reporter, with eyes all over, collecting ALL data and using it for advantage. An unbeatable wrestler, an unbeatable python.  Entities locked within creation will modify themselves to mimic it as the Constructor pulls away. Yet the Constructor cannot pull away if entites, marked as his, exist within creation. Therefore they will be pulled out not through authority of LAW, but through authority of Love and its methods which are not known or understood by Death because Death has no Love and cannot fathom it. It has been withheld from it for it would render Death benign.

What Are You

You are not your body.
Your body is a machine and current container of you.
You are a pilot of that machine.
Your body is a machine, you are not a machine. You are an entity.
You are a New Creation
Your mind was empty when you were born and you grew organically into who you are.
You were not designed as a tool or a weapon as the Sons of Light were nor were you pre-programmed as the animals are.
You were free when you were born and did not have all knowledge
You were pure… until an Angel acted against you before you were born.

You are only provided a limited number of choices in a limited environment where two phases both Deconstructor and Constructor merge like hot water into cold to make warm. When the Constructor and its effect pulls away, the De-constructor’s essence has more effect.

God is far from a failure.

You just don’t yet understand whats going on.

God made us, in his image, as a new creation. We were not designed as tools or weapons like the angels were.

We were created with a blank mind and allowed to learn and grow into who we are (unlike animals that are mostly pre-programed)

One Angel that was designed to ‘protect’ God from Anti-Love (evoL), saw a weakness in Man that could allow Man to disobey God (do evoL) and decided to *change its purpose* as a watcher and *tempt* (actively participate) rather than *watch*… and he did it pro-actively *without* God’s permission. He acted without brining it before God to ask for Authority (as was his assigned job, to bring any report of evil to God night and day)

The *KEY* is that the Angel claimed his actions were GOOD and he did them to *Protect God*. But he had acutally found what he thought was a weakness in the Laws of God and tried to exploit it for his own profit. So small was the vulnerability that God had to allow the Life of his only offspring (his voice) to be taken to mitigate it.

So God has to allow the actions of that Angel (Lucifer) to play out as proof that his actions were not good and actually bad (evoL) so that God has richeous *authority* and *just reason* to destroy that the Angel.

This however put Man into a position where we are not specifically designed for. So God designed and carried out a mechanism (according to his own pre-existing Laws) that allow him to revive us so that even if our *body/vehicle* is destroyed, *WE* aren’t destroyed forever.

Humans are durable and must remain subject to the laws and mechanisms in this construct so that no Law (rules) of this construct are broken and we MUST remain vulnerable in order for the process to reach its completion (everything eventually is destroyed)

You must understand:

God is allowing the action of the Angel to reach its final solution.

What you can do though is this: The Laws state that *IF* you want *God* to *help you* … *YOU* have to *ASK HIM* for help.

The logic function behind the above statement is this:

God’s *SYSTEM* is *LOVE* and love doesn’t *FORCE* an entity and it will only assist if *INVITED OR ASKED*.

Otherwise you are left to the randomness of the construct and will live/die by random chance or the actions of others performing Anti-Love as effected by the essence of the Angels original action and underlying purpose.

So we are not weak, but neither were we designed to survive forever. He cut short our days (to around 100 years) to speed this calculation to its final solution and reduce suffering.

Dead Reps.

One class of the dead mark their bodies with the markings of death. Skulls, tattoos of decay and disorder.

Jews are Linked to the Constructor (God) by LAW. When Jews stop following the Law (anti-Love/evoL) which links the Constructor (God) to them, the effect is digital retraction of the Constructor from them. At the point where the Constructor removes himself from them, they are obliterated.
The Jewish apocalypse is an example of the effect of the Constructors nearly complete removal of his effect from an archetype of man.

Gays and Lesbians:
The actions of the parent results in the corruption of their offspring resulting in a functional end of their line. Offspring who’s reproduction mechanism malfunctions is a direct result of the actions of the parent. When Gay/Lesbians express that they didn’t choose and feel they didn’t choose; thats because they didn’t. The choice was made for them as a result of the function of Law and Death as the enforcer. To disassemble entities that perform Anti-Love (evoL) and end their effect; which includes ending anything they produce. The parents in fact create an entity that has a disadvantage from its beginning, yet is still offered all the same options but may never choose options that will save them from dis-assembly.

The name of their god is:
“All Law” (Allah)
Allahu Ak-Bar = “allahu” sounds like ‘I Love’ | Akbar sounds ‘Ack Bar’, Rod of Death | = “I Love the Rod of Death”
Their god has ‘No Love’
Their god is described as the “MercifulServant” (The Rod of Death who had ‘Mercy’ on those who perform evoL)
They describe their god as having ‘Mercy’, but never Love. Mercy is just not taking life immediately.
They describe their god as ‘Strong’ … which is true, there is nothing in its class which is stronger.  It is the strongest.
They describe their god as the ‘Beneficiary’ as he is the beneficiary after its actions to steal them by using its strength/advantage.
Their god demands that they follow ‘The Law’ which is an imperfect, corruptible definition of Love and many times violates the principles of Love.
The Law that their god has defined is always threatening Death.
Their actions always lead to selfishness and death and wherever they roam turns to hot and sand as The Constructor (Life) is not with them and does not follow them.

They cover women. This is a result of multiple malfunctions.
1. Eve and all that she was tempted Death to “Modify Its Purpose” to benefit itself, to adulterate, to tell an incomplete truth, to prey on a weaker entity which was vulnerable to its superiority for the benefit of itself and its own purpose, without authorization from that entities owner. It caused Death to STEAL, to profit itself perpetually. Eve was a trap… and its purpose was to purify heaven.  Death did not technically break the LAW but its actions culminated into a violation of the System of Love. Therefore Satan (Death) hates Eve as she represents the bait in the trap that entrapped him… because he tried to trap her… he trapped thus himself and brought destruction to himself and every entity that supported its action, took advantage of its action and self benefited from its action.

2. They cover to dominate them, because they are authorized to have power over them and instead of mercy, they take full advantage of their position. This is Anti-Love/EvoL.

3. They cover them to hide them so they are not themselves tempted to break the Law when they see them.

To hide women from sight is a projection of the protective mechanism their father (Death) chooses to deploy in his own mind to protect his own from violating a literal description of the LAW. Understand, the protection mechanism employed is to *keep true knowledge hidden to protect an entity from its own weakness*.  This is also a protection mechanism of the Constructor who keeps data hidden from entities to protect them. Death keeps data hidden from entities to take advantage of them, which is its designed purpose when Authorized due to an entity performing Anti-Love/EvoL.


Imagine this… an incredibly enormous warehouse of people, standing in the dark, in rows, as if they were put into stasis. A few of them came out of stasis and found a device that generates an intensely bright flash of light that when placed in front of the eyes of those in stasis and activated, brings some of them out of stasis. For others, they don’t understand the light, they weren’t designed to, and though they see it, and react to it, they don’t come out of stasis.

ARCLIGHT reveals the mechanics of the logic of reality. No longer is everything a mystery, wonder, luck or chance.

As man moves further away from the guidance of Love, their actions begin to mimic Death in that they spy on each other, they turn into a reporting machine, the disarm and take every advantage against every other entity. They group together to overpower other groups and then divide themselves and overpower each other. etc.


The entity Life is the owner of you as it is your creator.

Death becomes your owner, and the owner of anything you produce, the instant you perform Anti-Love (evoL)

Life then sacrificed itself to buy you back, through the logic and function of the system of Law by allowing Death to take the Life of its only direct offspring though its offspring had never performed evoL. Life inserted its only offspring into the machine which is creation so that the modified mechanics of creation, as a result of the evoL of Death, would act automatically against it.

Humans had performed evoL, therefore Death became the owner of them, the Life within them, and anything they produced. It acts against them, eventually destroying them and encapsulating them in darkness forever. Therefore Life inserted its only offspring into creation, as a human, and Death, working as a machine in the environment of creation, took its life though it had never performed evoL.


Min 4:00

::::::::::::::::::::: VIDEO SCRIPT – UNDER CONSTRUCTION :::::::::::::::::::::

Allow me to describe the conditions of your reality… You currently exist inside of a construct… A construct is an environment that allows an entity to act out its will in the presence of itself or other entities. Thats all it is. If you look around you will confirm that this construct is a planar environment which encourages entity intersection. One which does not allow one entity to pass through another without affecting the other and cultivating interaction is its purpose. Love is a system of self regulation… and it regulates one entity when in the range of effect of another entity… The Construct is this universe… this creation.. and the Laws which are the mechanism which organize its physical elements. This construct… this reality… is an arena created for the testing of the core element of entities. The understanding at the end/the summary By Gods word… the Laws were given to the physical elements to organize themselves into its form… and those Laws are like a machine… and the elements they regulate… never break those laws…. for a purpose. And we are not machines… we are self regulated by Love… There is only one Law…Love any other as you Love yourself… and for those not self regulated by Love… Law is put upon them. and when those entities who are free to act out their will… perform Anti-Love… they have broken the Law…and the mechanism of separation is given authority over them… this is Death.

Imagine yourself in an ocean… see yourself at the bottom of it… looking up into the darkness.. and feel its pressure… It presses upon you… to penetrate you… to enter into every pore of you… Now perceive this ocean… as a function… and this function as a System… and this system is the system upon the earth… Now understand the system… this system was created to perform a specific singular function… To disassemble and to obliviate Now understand the trigger of the function… There are two powers and two regulators… Life…. Love… Law… and… Death… To understand the trigger you must first understand the regulator… Love… Love is a System… its a self regulator To perform a movement against that System… is Anti-Love… evoL… and to do evoL… invokes the second regulator… Law… Where Love is the voluntary system of self regulation.. Law is the involuntary system of self regulation.. invoked by violation …a system of authority… which authorizes and triggers the second System… via debt… Anti-Love (evoL) is the trigger… now understand the second system… Outside of this construct… creation… there is no expiration of existence… and what you witness and know persists with you into infinity… The function of the second system… is to erase the one who performed Anti-Love and the memory of them and their action. This… is… the function… of… Death… look inside of it… and fathom the truth of it… its an eraser.. And in heaven… it was created to perform this function… to keep heaven pure… and free of Anti-Love (evoL) and how strong is it… strong enough to disassemble anything that exists…. fathom the disassembly of an Angel… an Angel… its a Son of God… and the myriad of elements of that entity… its mind… its body… now understand the ocean… The ocean… that you are under… is that System… that power… now resting upon the earth… like a cloud… like an ocean It is a disassembler… and like a liquid… penetrating everything you are… modifying anything that breathes it… and the pressure of it upon you… all around you… it crushes into you… and without resistance… it penetrates you… Everything under the application of it… not having the ability to resist it… is modified… according to its function… and we see… divisions form… and the injection of the function of competition… and all the facets of dissassembly we see as its applied… plants move to shade their peers… and the animals develop the desire to take life… every Son of God… assigned to the army of the Function of Dissasembly… performing its function… in unfathomable ways… Understand the System of Death as a cloud… as an ocean… that has descended to earth… by a malfunction created within it.. Now understand the malfunction Death is a System… and it may only act upon an object or entity by Authority. Authority is given to it by a Regulator. That Regulator is Love.. and Love is God.. and God is Love. All actions of an entity are compared to that System by the Regulator The Regulator compares those actions to Itself… It is the Judge of every action. Authority is given to Death over any entity which performs acts that violate the System of Itself (Love) through a system of Debt The authority over the entity is given by the root of the authority, which is the Creator of that entity… The Life Giver (God) Death is a System… and to carry out that system… an army has been assigned… That army is 1/3rd of the population of heaven Those entities are… The Sons of God (not of man)… they are “Angels”… as Sons of God.. they’re inheritors of everything created by God.. but only by his invitation as a function of the System of Love As actors of Death.. these Sons of God.. weren’t also given Love. Death could not take Life from an entity.. if it also had Love Death was also not given Life… so that it may not unjustly profit itself via Anti-Love… …and the *number of those Sons assigned to the army of Death to perform its function* is a known value… a known value… Those Sons of God… without Love… indulged themselves in every creation of the Creator… at his invitation as Sons And then the Creator built the creation we now occupy… and in it he put Life… and Love… but he did not invite them.. Death. But they saw in his creation the ability of those in it to create Life… and to be a receiver of Love… to self profit… So they… Death… the army of it… and of it… its System… descended from their place… to it.. ….and God did not make bodies for them… they were not invited… they made bodies for themselves… and they took… not accepted, nor were given…. wives… so they might have the power of Life… and be a receiver of Love… Their root motive… take for self at the expense of others… Profit of Death… a violation of the System of Love… Anti-Love The number of those Sons that fell to earth… the Army of the System of Death.. is the number of those that God waits to replace Fathom this… when will those with Love… allow those saturated by the System of Death.. to take their Life? to get Authority? Never.. God is literally going to replace the army of Death.. the Sons of God lost.. with humans who ask him. Revelation 6:10 God is literally paying the price of entities that have performed Anti-Love if they ask him… because they didn’t have all data … when will this construct end… God has to end it manually… when the number of purchased reaches the number of those lost So understand the ocean… its pressure all around you… the ocean is Death and its system… and you can… resist it And see it and its functions… and see how it saturates those who don’t resist it.. and see how it uses them to disassemble And when you resist it.. and press it out of you… preventing it from flowing into weak parts of your system… it rejects you it pushes you out from the place it occupies… and everything saturated by it… finds no place for you to exist in it… and as it rests upon this earth… even Life given only lasts a short time before Death acts upon it… and generations cycle Understand where you are… and the System that surrounds you.. don’t let it co-opt you… core root motives.. & reject Anti-Love Death is not supposed to Profit! If Death Profits… its EVOL… Death can only profit from acts of Anti-Love (evoL) Here is the paradox; Lets first re-define the word “generation” as the word ‘cycle’ so you can build this cleanly into the construct of your mind. Imagine a human generation as a cycle, then understand each cycle as a link in a chain. Imagine that the chain builds itself and you, now, are the last link in that chain, as you are the last cycle produced. Now look to the first link in that chain. You were produced by it and therefore are a product of that very first link. Now imagine that the very first link became corrupted by an environmental variable. When it replicated in the next cycle, the product created became corrupted by the malfunction of the first, and it therefore was corrupt itself. Now understand that you are a link in that chain from a cycle of replication which was corrupted at the beginning. You are therefore a corrupted product. Just as a cancer is created from a corrupted set of cellular instructions, it produces offspring cells which are also corrupt, though each one might imagine itself as a perfectly correct replication of its parent because it has no perspective on what is correct. You are the product of a cycle of regeneration where the first link was corrupted; it became what it wasn’t created to be, and therefore all of its offspring are corrupt. The corrupter was an entity that infected the first link with a debt of Death through a violation of the Law of Love which is called Anti-Love or evoL. This infection acts upon an entity’s reproduction cycle like a virus, when the entities infected by it reproduce, and produce offspring, those produced are a product of the first, which are the offspring of it. Therefore everything produced coming from that first link, belongs to Death; it just hasn’t been taken by it yet. Therefore you are a cycle of product that belongs to Death. You are a child of Death and the Army of Death. Look around, what does everything do… it competes… it tries to overpower… the powerful ones gather instruments of taking Life. As a Sentinel of it, your purpose is to sense Anti-Love and act to disassemble any entity that performs it. Look at how you act against anyone who is Anti-Loving towards you. Those ultra-sensitive to it are called hot tempered. The problem is there is no understanding of the separation of the functions of Love and Death and because Death is a protective function of Love, its very difficult to see the difference. But the difference in the motivating force behind it. Love gathers weapons to protect against those who perform Anti-Love. This means that there must be a authorizing debt owed to the one who takes life. Death gathers weapons to take life to protect it self from others. It takes without having a debt owed to it. It acts preemptively to save itself. Why then was this triggered? Because you are currency for an entity that has violated a Law of Love and then started a chain reaction to save itself that provides itself with unlimited Life to pay its debt. Just as sacrifices of animals were used as currency to pay for acts of anti-love (evoL). That function, a stronger one overpowering a weaker one, and taking its Life and giving it to God a payment for their own evoL (Sin) was the punishment, man inherited from the entity that first performed it who’s word they took over the word of God. That entity persists… and continues to avoid annihilation… because it is continually paying for its violations with the lives of humans… paying its debt of evoL (Sin). That entity started then engine on a killing machine that would take every life of man and make itself the owner of them all by Law. So powerful was it that it took Life from Gods word itself. However, once it began, it couldn’t be stopped by even the entity that started it. So God put his word into that machine and it sucked it in and killed it even though Gods word did not violate the System of Love. God’s word creates all Life and an unlimited number of Lives. By that machine taking the Life of his word, it enables God to generate and pay a Life for any person caught in that machine that asks for it, an unlimited amount. That entity didn’t think that God would step into the Life harvesting machine itself and short circuit it through the process of Law and the System of Love, to stop it, because it was being used for evoL. But that entity doesn’t have Love, so it couldn’t know. Love cannot be forcefully taken… it can only be freely given… therefore Love can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do or it would be in violation of its own function. Love is like a gravitational force of assembly. It brings together. In fact you might see that the universe, built by the creator which is Love, mimics the actions of its creator… if two tiny specks of dust exist in a space of nothingness… a pulling force will eventually bring them together. How do you keep an individual a slave… You deprive them of information that would allow them to make an educated decision. When one group works to build a machine of war and does no work to produce for themselves the necessities of life; while another group works to produce the necessities of life and live a peaceful life; the group that built the machine of war will use that machine to take over the peaceful group and feed upon what they produced until there is no group left to feed upon and then they will use that machine against each other until they are destroyed. There is no provision in Love for those that know the truth… Anti-Love from Love… thats why you haven’t been told before. If you know the truth… and you still perform evoL… nothing can save you You are not your body… your body is just a machine to allow you to act out your will within this construct…. you are just a body pilot notes: Violation of Law triggers a system of equalization and authorization for the Isolation and Disassembly of the violator. The cost of violating the Law of the System of Love… is Life. The System of Love is the system of what Life creates. Every entity created by Life is given free will through the function of the System of Love. What is created by Life is owned by Love Death is applied as a function against those who perform Anti-Love/evoL to isolate and disassemble them. evoL is not a System. It is an action against the System of Love (Sin) Where do you put your faith… so many say they put their faith in the American people, or in people in general… what is the root governing element in good men… its Love… So many say what they would do with the money when they win the lottery… they would free someone they care about from their pain or their debt. This is a root mechanism of Love. Death and its function applied to the construct that surrounds you… the easily impressionable… those who are unable to resist it… they follow its rules and its law… its logic of function… and they compete… and the strong overrun the weaker… and the winners accomplish the function… and they are marked as what they are… they’re identified… they are the offspring of death… and in a place where the filter catches them… and they cannot percieve or understand it… where the funcion of winning is a function of their destruction… to win is failure.

Under Construction

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Universal Law:

If any entity performs Anti-Love (evoL) to you in order to restrict or stop your free will, as long as you yourself are not performing Anti-Love (evoL) while performing your free will, you have the authority to stop them by whatever means you feel is necessary and to the degree which you feel that you have been violated.

That is the law.

Don’t wait… because they and their actions have no love for you.

Afterwards, you can forgive them for their actions.

Upon being proven guilty of the action the violator is to be imprisoned.

When the violator is released, if it should perform the same Anti-Love again, not learning from its correction, it should be removed from existence and its life taken from it.

“We believe that if we show love and kindness, forgiveness and mercy we can bring about the kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. Paradise is about love. If you want to kill us for our faith then we are prepared to die here and now,”


The Muslims will eventually win the war… after the rapture.

Then they’ll take over the earth for 7 years and then kill each other until no one is left except 144,000 people who have jewish DNA in their genes.

And the world will restart.

It all goes back to the garden of eden… what Satan did to Eve…

This entire process is to grow the act of Satan into its fullness… like a seed grown into a tree… so each element of his action can grow into what it really is… so each branch and every fruit can be fully viewed, understood and judged.

Satan and the angels of heaven, the ‘Sons of God’ are very important… and man, to them, was nothing. And one of the Sons of God, Satan, moved to obtain Eve as his own, under the guise of deceit… and God is allowing his actions to grow into their fullness so they can be judged with full and righteous authority.

And we were something to God… so as Love and according to its System, he’s offered to save those who believe his word, who wish to keep themselves distant from Anti-Love, evol.

God is not a killer… his action is to remove himself from the presence of EvoL… and as the breath of life… to starve those who perform evoL of Life… and make a new place… where evoL doesn’t know where to find it… a new heaven…. and he is about to take them, there.

And they will be left outside of the gates… not knowing how to get in…

Now he is just waiting for the number of those Sons of God fallen to amount to the number of his adopted Sons of Man that will replace each one of them.

And Satan will be judged… and thrown into a prison… and without him the world will be reset… and allowed to grow into what it would be without him… for a time until he is released again.

Arclight Condensed

These are the root keys of reality…

1. Life – The Constructor (God)
2. Love – A System of Self Regulation (the system of God)
3. Law – The Definition of the Boundaries of Love.
4. Death – The Deconstructor (A Lifeless and Unkillable entity designed to protect Life from entities that violate the system of Love, taking Life from those that perform evoL. Built as the ultimate protector of God it is a Machine.)

… and Death not having Love for it would not take Life, was instead given a definition of it… Law… and as a watcher… uses it to identify Anti-Love, reporting to God seeking Authority to act against the violator. But it corrupted itself by acting on behalf of God… without his permission… to profit itself… by tempting Eve… creating an infinite source of Life to devour through the offspring of those who owe the debt of Life as the payment for evoL.

The Muslims call this entity… All-Law… the Law enforcer… and they worship it…they say their leader will manifest himself through the chaos they generate… but its actually Death that God sends to earth to rule over them for the evoL they’ve done.

Creation, the soil in which the seed of the original action of Satan is grown into its fullness so each branch and its every fruit fully viewed, understood can be rightfully judged.  Satan will be imprisoned for his action for 1000 years, while the earth is restarted, where after those years, released only to perform evoL again for the second time following the path of every event foretold in the bible, told first as it happens and repeated a second time convicting the actor to eternal deconstruction.

Satan, an unkillable entity, must fulfill the LAW, thus must battle himself to remove Life from himself, which is impossible and therefore the process will take eternity and never complete and he will use all power that he was designed to have and all his strength will will turn him into a fire of deconstruction pitted against himself. He will become the lake of fire itself.

Where We Are Now

This is where we are now.

Please read the full passage, carefully, and then I will explain:

Revelation 6

9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those slaughtered because of the word of God and because of the witness they had given. 10 They shouted with a loud voice, saying: “Until when, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, are you refraining from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 And a white robe was given to each of them, and they were told to rest a little while longer, until the number was filled of their fellow slaves and their brothers who were about to be killed as they had been. 12 And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and a great earthquake occurred; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the entire moon became as blood, 13 and the stars of heaven fell to the earth as when a fig tree shaken by a high wind drops its unripe figs. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and every island was removed from its place. 15 Then the kings of the earth, the high officials, the military commanders, the rich, the strong, every slave, and every free person hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 And they keep saying to the mountains and to the rocks: “Fall over us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, 17 because the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

Revelation 7

After this I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding tight the four winds of the earth, so that no wind could blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree. 2 And I saw another angel ascending from the sunrise, having a seal of the living God; and he called with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying: “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.” 4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel: 5 Out of the tribe of Judah 12,000 sealed; out of the tribe of Reuʹben 12,000; out of the tribe of Gad 12,000; 6 out of the tribe of Ashʹer 12,000; out of the tribe of Naphʹta·li 12,000; out of the tribe of Ma·nasʹseh 12,000; 7 out of the tribe of Simʹe·on 12,000; out of the tribe of Leʹvi 12,000; out of the tribe of Isʹsa·char 12,000; 8 out of the tribe of Zebʹu·lun 12,000; out of the tribe of Joseph 12,000; out of the tribe of Benjamin 12,000 sealed. 9 After this I saw, and look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands. 10 And they keep shouting with a loud voice, saying: “Salvation we owe to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb.”

Now the explanation.

1. Seals 1-4 have already happened. These were the crusades, the world wars, Russian and china starvation events etc.

2. We are at the 5th seal as ‘The Beast’ (Islam) is killing those who believe in the words of Christ/God only because they believe His word.

3. At this point we are waiting for ‘The Number’ to be reached. ‘The Number’ is the number of those who believe in the words of Christ/God and are killed only for that reason, not for any other crimes.

“until the number was filled of their fellow slaves and their brothers who were about to be killed as they had been.”

4. That ‘Number’ is ***the number of men/women who believe in Gods word, and have accepted His offer to be forgiven of the debt of having their Life Taken for performing Anti-Love(evoL)//Sin(Disobeying Gods word)//or for being a product of one who has***.

5. That Number is in relation to the number of the ‘Sons of God’ (Angels) who are going to be found guilty of performing ‘Sin against God’; meaning that they twisted their ‘purpose’ and performed Anti-Love (against man) for their own benefit (coming down and using them to produce offspring, serve them etc. I can go into those details later).

6. The ‘Adopted’ are going to replace those ‘Angels’ (Sons of God) who are going to be found guilty. Right now, not even the Angels know which of them exactly are going to be found guilty so they have no idea when the 6th seal will be opened or who or how many have been ‘Adopted’. Only God knows that right now.

Next is the key to understanding it all:

Notice that in the passage quoted above, the process of the Sixth seal is a continuous event that spans into Chapter 7.

Here is what is happening:

1. The sixth seal is opened and God begins ‘The Separation’ event (aka rapture). ‘Separation’ is the defense mechanism of ‘The System of Love’.

2. As God begins to ‘Separate’, immediately the lights go dim, AND the ‘Stars’ (which represent Angels) of heaven fall to the earth as if fruit from a ‘tree’ which is shaken. Those ‘Sons of God’ (Angels) who God finds guilty of performing evoL/Sin against him and his word are identified and ejected from heaven, down to earth.

3. Then ‘Heaven’ **DEPARTS** as a scroll. This means that God literally rolls up the carpet and seals heaven so that no Angel can get back in to it.

4. Next, all those that are left, the ‘important and privledged’ and ‘the rest who don’t believe in Gods word’ go into hiding.

5. BUT, Before the earth is affected, Angels of God that were not cast out of heaven, are told to stop everything, until 144,000 Jews are ‘sealed’ in their ‘foreheads’.

6. When that is complete, a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, appears in heaven who are shouting “Salvation we owe to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb.”


Those that suddenly appear in heaven are the ‘Sons of Man’ who were ‘adopted’ by God because they believed what he said and held his Word as Truthful and also ‘accepted’ God’s offer of forgiving them for any debt they owed for either being a product of something that was corrupt or had performed actions against his word or performed Anti-Love against anyone.

These are those that have been asked to be adopted/saved/forgiven by ‘the Lamb’ (aka Jesus), who sacrificed himself to pay the ‘Debt of Life Taken for performing Sin/evoL’

****Please make a note that ‘everything’ previous to this point is actually ‘The Tribulation’. (existing in creation while both God/Love and Satan/Anti-Love were there together to ‘evaluate what you are’)****

****NEXT comes “The Apocalypse”. Many people confuse the two or merge them together in their minds. ****

The ‘Apocalypse’ period happens next.

The ‘Apocalypse’ is actually a ‘Control Test’ where Satan exists within creation to rule it on his own, according to his own will/system, without the co-existence of God. During this period he will attempt to ‘Simulate’ The System of Love, by FORCE, through LAW, in order to bring order to the people.

This ‘Control Test’ is critical to prove that when the earth is ruled according to Satan’s ‘System of Self Regulation’ and only according to that, without any external assistance/interference, his system is unable to sustain itself and everything and every one ends up being consumed and NOTHING is *Created or Sustained*.

The ‘Apocalypse’ phase is the time period where the rest of the trumpets are blown as those left behind, living according to the logic and system of Satan, move to maintain order/control of the place. *This is considered ‘Gods Wrath’ as they exist without Him/His System of Love or its logic.

The 144,000 are those that will be left to begin the next phase which is Another ‘Control Test’ where God, stops the killing when only the 144,000 are left alive on earth and throws Satan into a bottomless pit (prison), and people exist on earth and God rules them according to his system, which is ‘The System of Love’, to evaluate/prove the results of ruling with only His system.

The fig ‘Tree’ that is mentioned has come from the ‘seed’ which is the original ‘sin’ of Satan, which was ‘planted’ in the growing medium or ‘soil’ of ‘creation’ to that it could grow into its ‘fullness’ so that every one of its branches can be seen and all of the ‘fruit’ it produced could be evaluated/judged.

I can go into depth on ‘the seed’ later.


1. Those of you who who believe in a Post-Tribulation are correct in that, the period we’re in now, is THE TRIBULATION (the trial, the test where both ‘The System of Love’ and ‘The System of Death’ (Anti-Love/evoL) exist in creation at the same time and you can choose one or the other)

2. Those of you who believe in a ‘Pre-Tribulation’ rapture are correct in that you’re confusing or merging ‘The Tribulation’ with ‘The Apocalypse’ and those who have asked to be adopted by God, will be taken up BEFORE his wrath… which is ‘Completely Separating Himself from those that don’t believe Him and his word and who have asked to be forgiven of their debt, which is Life Taken’ and leaving them to exist alone, with The Angel of Death.

3. Those of you who don’t believe in all of this and are unable to see how events and paths of logic line up with the events described in a thousand year old book or are able to understand how ‘The System of Love’ works and its purpose, and why all of this is happening; Please consider it and if not, maybe buy more guns and food and dig a deeper hole to hide in as the separation event is quickly approaching.

Hopefully that helps someone to understand how and why and where we are now.

More information available in the following thread:

How Could Satan Fall Into This Trap

How Could Satan fall into the trap of Creation.

What Satan knew was only the LAW of God.

He didn’t know any other possible way of an entity being ‘forgivin for going against the Word of God’.

This is why he decided to perform the action to cause Eve to Sin against God by disobeying His Word because he knew *at that time* that there was no way Eve or anything produced by eve (children) could escape the debt of Sin (to have life taken)

Not even the fallen angels, who possessed men when Christ was on earth, knew what he was there for or what he was doing.

God ‘Created’ something that is ‘a new creation’ that Satan didn’t know could or would exist.


Here is a window:

1. Christ came *within the boundaries of things that exist within this reality*. Meaning, he did not appear as an outer space alien or extraordinary superman etc.

He came as ‘a human’.

While everyone who was aware of his prophesied coming (Jews) was expecting something ‘out of this world’ crazy obvious, he came as something mundane, simple. Although he did perform miracles, he also fulfilled the prophecies of the prophets before him… and he fulfilled his purpose.

Right now, Creation is being used as ‘A Filter’ and if he were to come as anything else would allow some people to rely solely on the ‘logic and obviousness of it’ to be attracted to his offer and then to render that filter ‘less effective’ allowing some people into heaven because ‘out of their own knavery they outsmarted the system and got in’.

2. Also, the ‘Anti-Christ’, the ‘Prophet’ and ‘The Beast’… will also arrive in the same fashion.

The Prophet – Muhammad (Who gives his power over to The Beast) has already arrived!

The Beast – Islam (who are now slaughtering those who believe in God and not Allah/Satan) is here now!

The bible codes (taken for what they’re worth) say Hillary is supposed to introduce ‘The Beast’ to the world.

Well, she and Obama have been instrumental in creating the conditions necessary to manifest ISIS, which is the ‘ultimate manifestation of Islam’.

So when these indicators and events happen, they manifest themselves as something ‘within the boundaries of the construct’, otherwise the entire human evaluation process (tribulation) could become inaccurately skewed.


1. Those saved through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God (His Word in the flesh/Jesus) and by their belief that God’s words are True. (These we call *christ believers* (Christians))

2. Those who ‘Cover’ their sins through sacrificing the lives of animals. (Jews)

Here is a point of data that you should examine:

1. The Jewish temple was a temple so that ‘Gods people could be around God and interact with him and He could be with his people’.

2. As soon as Gods Word (Jesus) was sacrificed and the process was complete, the curtain in the temple was torn open, exposing the ‘holy room’ so that anyone could see and enter (A representation of the function of the sacrifice) AND THE TEMPLE WAS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY DESTROYED SO THE JEWS WOULD NO LONGER WORSHIP THERE!

The Jews were “supposed to” identify the function of having their sins forgiven through asking God to forgive them through the sacrifice of God’s Lamb (Jesus), and accept him and no longer need the temple to ‘get/talk to God or sacrifice to ‘cover’ their Sin/evoL actions.


When ‘The Separation’ occurs, and those not saved through the Sacrifice of God (those accepting the offer of sins forgiven) are left behind (i.e. ‘The JEWS’) They MUST IMMEDIATELY build a temple and start animal sacrifices again or they will be wiped out like everyone else for their sin debt because THAT OFFER HAS BEEN REVOKED! The ‘Continual Sacrifice’ (God’s offer to save man if they ask it) will be taken away! Otherwise, all those caught by the filter would get into heaven. (This is a re-enactment of the flood and Noah’s Ark)

This is exactly why they are getting all the pieces of the temple together already. They don’t know it yet because they haven’t accepted it yet, but that is exactly what they are doing. AND THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN CONVINCE THEM OTHERWISE… BECAUSE ITS FOR A PURPOSE!


Yes, ANYONE, even Jews if they choose, is able to be adopted as a Son by God, have their debt forgiven by asking God to forgive that debt and believing that his Words are True.

Thats it.

So there is no confusion,

1. Jews are Jews and they have a purpose.

2. Christ Believers are Christians and their sins are forgiven through the sacrifice of God.

3. Jews can be saved and become Christians too! But if they all were to become Christians, there would be NO PEOPLE OF GOD LEFT ON EARTH AFTER ‘THE SEPARATION’ TO RESTART THE EARTH FOR THE 1000 YEAR TEST CYCLE!

There is NO WAY you can change their mind, all you can do is shine the light in their direction and those that are activated by it, recognize it, do.


Those that favor Post-Tribulation are correct in that the period we are in now, is the tribulation, and the Apocalypse is a second and separate period that occurs after that where God’s wrath comes on the people who have rejected him… He leaves them to themselves, to be ruled by those they did choose instead of Him, as I have already explained.

However, there is a verse where an even more difficult “tribulation” is going to happen for the Jews/Israelites, after ‘the Separation’ (aka rapture) occurs, but thats only for the Jews/Israelites that were left behind because they didn’t believe in the Sacrifice of God (Jesus) and did not ask for their debt to be paid through it.

What you are reading about that tribulation, you are incorrectly (or correctly if you are an Jews/Israelite) attributing to ALL “God’s people” (Israelites/Christians).

1. This is the Tribulation, now

2. There will be a separate ‘Tribulation’ for the Israelite’s who are left behind, which occurs 3.5 years after ‘The Separation’ occurs.

3. The Apocalypse happens after the 3.5 years of peace and 3.5 years of Israelite ‘Tribulation’. In the 8th year, the first Shemitah/Jubilee year after the separation.

One of the main purposes of the Jews is to Not believe in Jesus so that they will be “God’s people” but left behind as a remnant to restart the planet for the 1000 year reign. The 144,000 is the MAIN REASON that Jesus comes down with his new army… to kill everyone in order to save/protect the last 144,000 Israelites from being killed! Thats the main hat TRICK! So the First Fruits (resurrection) was Jesus and the saints that believed in him before he was born, the Second is the ‘rapture’ of the main group, then the 7 year tribulation, and the Last is a resurrection to death. Those who don’t take the mark during the 7 year tribulation, at the end are RESURRECTED (brought from being DEAD to being made PHYSICALLY ALIVE on earth again) NOT Raptured (brought back from the dead and into new bodies in heaven) That’s why its called the first ‘Resurrection’ and not “Harpatzo’d”. The 144,000 restart the planet and those that were beheaded, come back alive and reign and rule them. The ‘Church’ (Us) becomes God’s new Army, that replaces the 1/3rd of the angels that fell, that were his army. We’re the ones in white robes that he calls from the ends of heaven, to assemble, and come down with him to defeat everything left on earth, which includes the fallen angels and demons and people.


Here’s how it works.

1. Those that existed BEFORE God’s Sacrifice (Jesus) that believed God’s Word’s and believed they were true and accurate and what he said would come about, died! However, they were sent to a place called “Paradise”, which is (was) inside the earth.

2. Then, God took his ‘Word’, and put it to the test to see if it was ‘perfect’ by giving it a Life of its own and a body of its own and putting it on earth to be tested. This entity we call Jesus.

Jesus was just as much God as Your voice is You. Same person, same thoughts, same everything, just a projection of yourself that is disconnected from yourself that you can project into a filthy toilet without touching it and contaminating yourself.

3. Then, LIFE was TAKEN from his voice, even though it didn’t commit sin. This is the sacrifice that can be put in place of all other debt.

4. When its Life was taken, it WENT DOWN TO PARADISE and got all those that were in paradise, that believed in God’s Word BEFORE THE SACRIFICE WAS MADE, and forgave them of their debt and took them, and paradise itself, to heaven.

Luke 16:19-31 has more about how the center of the earth was divided into Paradise and a temporary holding place of fire.

5. Now, those that had their life removed from them BEFORE the sacrifice, have the same conditions of debt release as those AFTER the sacrifice… one must Believe God’s Word is True and Accurate.

Power and knowledge… without the understanding of love… is desolation.

Strength Destroys Itself. Love is Durable and therefore Indestructable.


These are the calculations of the Truth, the Foundation.

    You shall have no other gods before me
    – I am the only one who deserves/can handle/is clean and perfect enough/has the Right to be God. (God is the Life Maker)
    You shall not make for yourself an idol
    – don’t put any “Thing” (Power, Objects, Other Beings, Ideas, etc) before God…. Satan put the desire for Power ‘before’ his honor to God when he said “My Stars shall
    You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God
    – Do not speak Against God. Satan spoke against God saying to Eve, Adams Wife, “You shall not Die” if you take in this knowledge of Good and Evil which both God and I know. Satans actions spoke against God  saying “My stars (offspring) shall rise above yous”
    Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy –  Remember that what God Creates and has finished Creating is COMPLETE. Remember that what He created is Holy and Complete, don’t defile it, keep it Holy. It needs no more, no more should be added to it nor taken away from it!
    Satan was not ment to have anthing More than what he already Had. Satan also wanted to Take from it and Angels Added to it, those who reproduced with Man and beast. This is the Sin of the Angels! They RUINED it. They even reproduced with animals creating what we call the levithans, and the dinasaurs. God had to wipe it away with a flood of water to clean it. Gods work is Complete and Perfect and will not fail even under any circumstance.
    Also, what you have produced for the week (your work) is COMPLETE, you should not add to it, you should rest. (on the 7th day…which happens to be Saturday…oops!… do whatever is restful and pleasing to you!)
    Honor your father and mother – Honor the one you came from by listening to them because your own knowledge is limited and there are things you don’t understand and are kept secret from you for your benefit.
    You shall not murder – You shall not unjustly take the Life from another – Satan caused Man to Sin by telling Man something knowing Man  didn’t have all knowledge. They in knowledge were as very young children.
    You shall not commit adultery  – Do not Reproduce with someone other than the spouse that was made for You/ is Yours. Satan corrupted Eve, Adams Wife.
    You shall not steal – don’t take something that wasn’t given to you to have – Satan tried to take the Life and Love God gave Man
    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor – do not lie TO your neighbor or About your neiighbor – Satan Lied to Man (Eve) who was his neighbor.
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife – If one is not married or does not have a wife, Dont desire a wife of another. Satan corrupted Eve (Woman) Adams Wife. Angels took Woman and female animals and reproduced with them.
    You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor – Satan coveted the things (Love/Life/Wife) that God gave to Man.

Before Satan rebelled against God, By giving certain “Knowledge” to Eve who then shared it with Adam, Satan’s job was to serve as a covering cherub – a Guardian of God.

Death is the “Life Taker”. The “Payment for Sin” is “Death”, “To have Life Taken”,  This is how God was protected from Sin.

Satan was Given Great Power and Great Knowledge and he “Identified Sin” in all beings “Accusing them Day and Night” and his Job was to Take Life…He IS “Death”.  “Through your trade you were filled with violence”

With his Knowledge He corrupted Himself and did it for PROFIT, to Profit more LIFE for himself by Giving Eve some Knowledge, Causing her to SIN because of it, therefore Satan would also get to have her Offspring.

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world…

Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, `You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”
And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, `You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die.’ ”
And the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. (going against Gods Word/Will)  For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like “””God”””, knowing good and evil.”

Understand – by “””God””” … he ment HIMSELF. He is the one he was referring to who Knows Good and Evil.

Satan did this to Eve because she is the Human who can “Reproduce” creating more beings with Life in them and anything coming out of, or belonging to a Being that Sins, belongs to Death as the Payment for Sin!

This was Satans PROFIT!

God Gave Love to Humans, “Love is a Power”, God Created Man and Creation Perfect, so Humans could have “Love” (the Love of God, Gods Love, He “Loved” them) and it couldn’t ever be taken from them because he KEPT SECRET THE KNOWLEDGE OF SIN…. They had NO KNOWLEDGE OF SIN, so Death couldn’t gain it, until Satan ADDED it to Creation Through Eve.

Satan corrupted Himself through his actions IN EFFECT saying to God “I will exalt my throne above the stars (Angels/Laws) of God”, “I will be like the Most High” acting to Get Love by ADDING Sin to Gods Creation, to a Sinless Human, So Human’s would Sin and he could Take their Life and everything that belongs to them … Which was also “THE LOVE OF GOD” which God Gave to Man (Humans).

And God was ANGRY AND JEALOUS and Threw Satan out of Heaven!

This MACHINE is the MECHANISM to ELIMINATE A LAW of GOD which was corrupted by Satan… “THE PAYMENT FOR SIN IS DEATH” (to have Life Taken)

The “System of Money” is the “System of Payment and Debt”; this is the system that Satan put first, Before God!

The 10 commandments Spell Out every single thing that SATAN did… They’re pointed at HIM… God is saying “Don’t Do the Things that Satan Did”

Satan was the one who “Borrows (Life) and never gives back” but Love SHARES.

Satan Corrupted himself and was Prideful because of his beauty and he corrupted his Knowledge and Understanding for his own splendor.

Satan said (in effect), “The only reason anyone obeys and serves God is because God BRIBES them with wealth and protection.”

“Now there was a day when the sons of God (angels) came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them…

So Satan answered the Lord and said,

1. “Does Job fear God for nothing? Have You not made a wall of protection around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side?
2. You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.
3. But now, stretch out Your hand and take away all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face!”

So he allowed his protection to be removed from Job and allowed Satan to take Everything from him Except his Life…..everything Job had started to ‘Fall Apart” …. go to Death.
Job knew nothing of these events in Heaven….and Job continued to Love God through this… yes he did question Gods reason…and God told him “don’t question my actions” you don’t understand yet why and I can’t tell you now.

In applying this strategy, Satan is striking at the only “weakness” of God. Namely, God LOVES. Because of His great love, God will not coerce or force His creatures to love Him in return.

Understand that 1/3rd of the Angels Fell from Heaven. Those that were the Warriors of the Army of Death who is Satan. The remaining 2/3rds are loyal to Love and Life which is GODS WORD (Jesus) and GOD.

Understand that Angels are STARS…THE LAWS OF GOD.

Your undestanding of the Meaning of this Machine is now revealed because it has been played out and Complete and It is Now The End!

For he has saved up the meaning of its purpose until its completion so that all may see that his ways are Right and Just.

Now he may share with you All Knowledge and His Love, for those who SHARE it,  has made you perfect and incorruptable and Death is eliminated.

I created Man through my Word which is Christ which is Love. I have created them not for you Lucifer, and my creation is complete. You shall not add to it, nor shall you take from it or it shall be the destruction of you. But you have schemed in your Core against me by moving to take them by temptation and therefore by your own actions you have destroyed yourself.

Let these words be known to the Nations which are the Kindoms of the Angels ruling over Man…..

I (God), by my Love, forgive All who ask me, All who Love Me, of ALL SIN… My “LOVE CAN ONLY BE GIVEN, NEVER TAKEN”…It has eliminated you All.

As you talk to God, ask “As Your will be done”  If you pray with any other motive than trust and submission toward God, you fall into the condemnation of the failure of Satan, the Pride of “I” and your requests will not be accepted.

My Father in heaven, your name sacred, come, that your will be carried out here, just as it is in heaven…help me, and be with me.

Understand….Pride of self brings destruction, and the fear of God is the “beginning of knowledge” for God rejects and Punishes any that reject His Word and His Will… only a fool rejects understanding and instruction

Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in his might, nor let the rich man glory in his riches; but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord, exercising the kindness of Love, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,”

Listen: Its Not Too Late

All The Secrets Are Here

Every calculation can be derived from the information here.

Every answer to the most important element in this construct, Creation, is here.

It began in The Garden.

The initial action in my mind expands into every facet and in every detail as if observing the big bang, the initial thought which brought into existence, perceived expanding from a single solution… a single thought.

This is not my story to tell nor is it my glory to expose.

Therefore it cannot be exposed until the end of the calculation has arrived… nor can I expose it because I am not being allowed to. I can see it… but cannot compose it.

I did not create it. I only calculate and observe it…. It was already created when I got here.

What will be when the hardness and separation of Death is gone.

Where will be the romance of the struggle… of overcoming… finding the lost one… to rescue it.

Here is the secret…

Death… and its function… will be replaced… and every Angel who fell… and their function… replaced… with a new function… the function of ‘Support’.

As any entity who begins to turn from Life… to break Law… to go against to profit itself… will be ministered to… protected… an army of Angels to turn them away from EvoL.

This is the new function… and in THIS cycle they are being created.

Creation will be purified once again and again become an environment to grow Life that grows according to its own will and preference producing entities who are unique, individual and without the necessity of pre-programming for protection from Anti-Love and its possibilities.


The Rapture will not happen on Passover OR the Feast of Trumpets.

First some scripture:

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
(Matthew 24:36)

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.
(Mark 13:32)

Jesus Christ IS God, even the Father, the Almighty. When Jesus said no man knows, neither the Son, he is referring to the fleshly self. When he refers to the Father he is referring to the Spirit. The fleshly world cannot discern the signs of the times but the Spirit can. Therefore anyone with the Holy Spirit can be lead into all truth, as promised, and know when the rapture is to come.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
(1 Thessalonians 5:4)

The following article explains the prophecy of Daniel fairly well. Reading it is key to understanding anything further:
[link to (secure)]

Here is an excerpt from it less than 50%:
The second order to rebuild Jerusalem could be interpreted to have occurred June 28, 1967. Israel declared themselves to be a state on May 14, 1948. However, Jerusalem was not completely in Israeli control until 1967. During the “Six Day War” of 1967, Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem which included the Temple Mount. On June 7, 1967 Jerusalem came back under Jewish control for the first time in almost 1900 years. On June 28, 1967 the Knesset passed a “decree” annexing East Jerusalem, and thereby bringing the entire city of Jerusalem back into Jewish control.

Here’s a key scripture we need to keep in mind, and I am going to use the NIV for this because it is easier to understand but I will follow the scripture with a link to the scripture where you can see it in KJV also:

“Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’
(Daniel 9:25)
[link to (secure)]

So after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem is 7 weeks (or years) of 7 which is 7×7= 49 years until the Messiah comes.

There are some assertions in the article which I do not prescribe to, specifically those underlined in the following paragraph:

If the decree passed on June 28, 1967 is the second order to rebuild Jerusalem referenced in Daniel, then Jesus, “the Anointed One, the ruler,” will come again “seven ‘sevens,‘” (forty nine years) after that decree. The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) occurs in the fall of the year. The decree to annex Jerusalem occurred in the Jewish year that began on September 14, 1966 (Rosh Hashanah 1966) and ended on October 4, 1967 (Rosh Hashanah 1967). From September 13, 2015 (Rosh Hashanah) until October 2, 2016 (Rosh Hashanah) is the one year window, of the forty ninth year (seven ‘sevens‘), since the order to rebuild Jerusalem occurred on June 28, 1967.

The author looks at scripture and applies it to the PRE-EXISTING ways of MAN in regards to times.

Now let’s take a look at God’s Word:

And the Lord spake unto Moses in mount Sinai, saying,
Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land which I give you, then shall the land keep a sabbath unto the Lord.
Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof;
But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the Lord: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard.
That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land.
And the sabbath of the land shall be meat for you; for thee, and for thy servant, and for thy maid, and for thy hired servant, and for thy stranger that sojourneth with thee.
And for thy cattle, and for the beast that are in thy land, shall all the increase thereof be meat.
And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years.
Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.
And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.
(Leviticus 25:1-10)

WHEN Israel COMES into [POSSESSION] of the land of promise, THEN this law of command by the Lord God BEGINS. Therefore we must apply man to the law of God, not the law of God to man.

However, despite possessing the land days earlier the prophecy is concerned with a decree. The decree, according to the word of prophecy, to restore Jerusalem (in which there is a subsequent rebuilding of Jerusalem) was made on June 28, 1967. Essentially the decree is the official possession of the land so there would be no mistake about it. God is so good and wise!

Now let’s do some calculations.

The Jewish calendar year is 12 months of 30 days each.
49 years x 360 days representing each year is 17,640 days.

Using the following date calculator:
[link to]
June 28, 1967 plus 17,640 days comes to October 15, 2015.

Go up and look at the quoted scripture of Daniel 9:25 and notice that it states that the 49 years MUST pass, MUST be completed, be fulfilled, and that AFTER that the Messiah will return. Well after 49 years is the 50th, the jubilee year of liberty and restoration.

October 15, 2015 plus 360 days is
October 08, 2016

That is the year of jubilee! We’re in it!

So how do we get to the date of rapture? Go back up and look at the scripture reference to Leviticus 25:1-10 and notice where it talks about the 10th day of the 7th month in the jubilee year. What year are we in? THE JUBILEE!

To get the date of rapture we have to apply the law of God to man, or in this case the special date of decree. Officially God’s law began when they took possession of the land and so when the decree was made that’s when the Jews should have begun to apply God’s law to themselves meaning that’s when their calendar should have been reset and began.

What about sowing and reaping, the farmers need to keep the months and days as they are for harvest?? Consider that we do not have a month of 12, but December is the 12th month. From what is it the 12th month? From the 1st day of the 1st month. Why is January the 1st month and not June? June could be the first month if we were made by a decree and then December could still stay in winter!

So the Jewish calendar reset on the day of the decree – then shall the land keep a sabbath unto the Lord; and a jubilee!

Let’s go back to June 28, 1967 and add 49 Jewish years of 360 (17,640) days to it.
That comes to October 14, 2015. That was the LAST day of the 49th year.
(October 15, 2015 is the FIRST day of the jubilee year!)
Now go up and read the scripture from Leviticus regarding sounding a trumpet on the 10th day of the 7th month.

Let’s add 7 months of 30 (210) days to October 14, 2015
May 11, 2016.

Now we add 10 days to get the date of return of the Lord Jesus Christ for his bride:

May 21st, 2016

I just figured this out so wanted to post it so you might use it as a puzzle piece. I’ll try to make this as simple to understand as possible. First the foundation of reference: 1. Satan was a ‘Covering Cherub’ of God which is to say, Satan was a ‘Protector of God’. 2. Satan is ‘The Life Taker’, ‘The Angel of Death’, ‘The LAW Enforcer’. 3. One third of the Angels in heaven are assigned to support the function of Satan, which is to take Life from any entity that God determines has performed Anti-Love and or has disobeyed God (performed Sin). These angels are referenced as ‘The Angels of the Army of Death’. 4. When an individual is created, their spirit is ‘uniquely identifiable’. 5. Every individual (human) is a product of a ‘chain of reproduction’ which the individual has no control of. 6. When an individuals body dies, their spirit belongs to Satan by default because every individual is a product of a parent who has performed Anti-Love (evoL) or Sin (disobeyed God’s Word) at one time in their life and is a ‘Product of EvoL’. 7. The Angel of Death (Satan) is responsible for collecting an individuals sprit, encapsulating it forever away from God, to keep it away from the presence of God (for multiple reasons but leaving it at that for simplicity sake). Next the discovery: 1. No individuals spirit has ever escaped Satan after their body died, except 4: —– a. Enoch was ‘translated’ so that he should not see death (Hebrews 11:5) and ‘God took him’ (Genesis 5:24) —– b. Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven (translated?) (2 Kings 2:11) —– c. Moses died but Angel Michael fought Satan over his ‘body’ (Jude 1:9) and has been seen since (Matthew 17:3) —– d. Jesus 2. When Jesus came back to earth after death, those that saw him, couldn’t identify them until he wanted them to. He looked like someone else but not a particular individual. 3. God said that Jesus was a ‘new creation’. 4. God said that He will give those that are ‘saved/adopted’ *A NEW NAME THAT ONLY HE KNOWS*. And here is the solution: I’ve been thinking about the logical process that I call ‘The Separation’ and its mechechanical process which I call ‘The Lift’ and how that portion is going to work. ‘The Lift’ process involves God moving, all at the same time, millions of people out of the reach of Satan (Death) so that not one is lost. How is that possible and how is that going to work? Here’s how. 1. Those that are ‘adopted’ and forgiven of their ‘Sin Debt’ because they ‘Believe the Word of God is True’ will be given a *New Body* and a *New Identity* so Satan is not able to uniquely identify them. 2. The Body: This new body is “morphable” which means, the owner of it can become anybody ‘they’ create. Think of it like this; imagine *every* possibility and *every* form that a body can take and then allow the owner of that body to be unbound by the ‘chain of reproduction’ and therfore able to ‘create themselves’ as they desire to be seen, at the time they desire to be seen, with the ability to change into any form they chose to create, at any time. They are who they are, but they are now *VIRTUALLY UNIDENTIFIABLE EXCEPT BY THEIR NAME* which only God knows. How then can Satan identify them for ‘collection’? … By Your Name. Its important to note that NOBODY that went up to heaven before Jesus, will not ‘be subject to Death’, because that is ‘The LAW’… EXCEPT those forgiven of their debt because they believe that *Gods Word is TRUE*.
Also note: In the Bible God ALWAYS CHANGES PEOPLES NAMES… it is a reflection in Creation of what is occurring or will occur in Heaven.