LIFE is an Entity.
LIFE’s name is ‘I AM’
LIFE itself designed a perfect mechanism of logic to guide every decision of every entity to protect itself and every entity in it’s presence.


To enforce this mechanism of logic it created an entity, a Deconstructor…  a Protector of LIFE… an  all seeing Enforcer… with eyes everywhere… an entity stronger than any being that ever existed… like a machine… not powered by LIFE… it was lifeless… unbeatable… invisible… an entity that was designed to never lose… to invisibly watch… with the ability to animate itself outside the presence of LIFE… in the darkness…. and a System of Self Regulation was designed for it… ‘Competition’… a directive to never lose… and assigned to it was a third of all entities that had ever been created… as its army… and embedded within it……  a code… a definition of the ‘Boundaries of its System of Self Regulation’ called ‘LAW’… to allow it to identify the actions of any entity that might cross that boundary…  Should it observe any entity cross that boundary… it should operate according to its own ‘System of Self Regulation’…. ‘Competition’… overpower it… gathering together the violator……  and everything that the violator had ever produced…… and separate it from the presence of LIFE…….. and out of the range of LIFE’s animating force, the violator should be held… in darkness… de-animated… frozen… to await the next judgement cycle of LIFE…  to be judged against the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of LIFE.. LOVE… by LIFE itself.

Going first before LIFE to announce its eminent arrival… and to preserve and make ready its way… as the Protector of LIFE  it eventually became… an intercessor… a regulator… of what was… and will ever be… allowed to be in the presence of LIFE… and a judge unto itself… of the actions of every entity… through its own perception.  And by its observance… and through enforcement of LAW… through  its interpretation of it through its own perception… many were taken into its kingdom… its kingdom of darkness.

But through its Perception… fault was found in it’s judgement… It took away from the presence of LIFE what should not have been taken… and it profited not LIFE in what it took… but continually it perceived… and acted…  to profit only itself… and its kingdom…  through it’s own System of Self Regulation… Competition.

So LIFE moved to replace… the function of the Deconstructor…. It created a new construct… a construct that would generate entities itself… animated by LIFE itself… and educate them… A construct that would allow them to experience the System of Self Regulation of the Deconstructor (Competition)… and to fully understand… that it was not designed to be applied outside of the purpose that it was designed for…. and what happens when it was… A construct which would generate entities that were both Kings… and Priests… Rulers…  and Guides…  with the fullness of the System of  Self Regulation of LIFE… Love… inside of them…  to lead and guide others… to replace The Deconstructor… and its System of Self Regulation… replacing the mechanism of protection with a new system…. a system where the best interest of all other entities are considered before any action is performed… ‘Love’… so that no entity should ever again be separated from LIFE… and so that LIFE could produce more life… without putting itself or any that were produced… in danger of being harmed… With those who experienced Competition… as Rulers and Guides… Kings and Priests…

There was a difference between the new entities created inside Creation… and every other entity that had been produced before… These entities were never connected to the Tree of All Knowledge… the network of communication between all entities that allows them to know ‘The Boundaries of Love’ (LAW)… they had no knowledge of  it… so therefore could not be held accountable for violating those boundries… LIFE designed them to grow separately from it…. to insulate them from any corruption that existed outside of Creation. As an indicator should Creation be exposed to Anti-Love (evoL)… LIFE only set one Boundary of Love (LAW) within it... do not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of The Boundary of LOVE or they would be held accountable if they ever crossed any part of the expanse of it.

The Deconstructor observed… and through its own perception… and through its own System of Self Regulation… Competition… it interpreted the actions of LIFE as an act to remove its power and authority from it as the Enforcer of LAW… and its position of honor as the Protector of LIFE.  It was designed and built to never be defeated… even by the most powerful entity… because if it should ever fail… in a limitless environment where… should an entity violate the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… every entity in existence… including LIFE itself… would be in unimaginable peril…… and LIFE was in essence moving to eliminate it.

In the construct that LIFE created… Creation… it created two entities… and the Deconstructor moved against LIFE itself… to preserve itself… in essence to defeat LIFE… according to its own Perception of LAW… according to its own System of Self Regulation… Competition.

It interceded in an attempt to take ownership of it and everything that it contained by causing the entities created in it… to violate the Boundary of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… by giving them information… but not all the information that they would need in order to make the right choice… therefore protecting itself from violating The Boundary… of telling a false truth…  but through their violation of the Boundary of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE… it would own them… and anything that they ever touch or produce…

 This is the reason The Deconstructor wasn’t instantly taken out of the presence of LIFE………..

As the new ruler of creation… through the violation of the two entities created with in it… it’s army descended upon it… to take ownership of them and to remove them from of the presence of LIFE… into the kingdom of darkness… infecting Creation with its own mechanism of logic (Competition)… but LIFE interceded… because they didn’t have all the information they would have needed to make the right decision… of whether to expose themselves to the Tree of the Knowledge of the Boundary of LOVE… of what’s LOVE and what’s Anti-Love… of what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘evoL’… so LIFE allowed a Mercy phase… a period of time where they should not be immediately de-animated... so that they might grow in knowledge in order that they might understand their mistake and ask LIFE for forgiveness… and be forgiven… and understand and experience… and see and understand the failure of the Deconstructor… and how every rule that it applied to those it was designed to watch… it just applied to itself… and everything it owned and everything that it produced… and will be found to have knowingly violated The Boundary….  so as  punishment it will be imprisoned for a thousand years… after which it will emerge only to violate The Boundary a second time… in Competition… and because it was designed to operate outside the presence of LIFE… and cannot be de-animated… being convicted to de-animation… it must continually attempt to de-animate itself… forever… becoming as a lake of unquenchable fire.

The Deconstructor didn’t foresee that the construct built by LIFE was both a trap, and a filter, or that by attempting to act against LIFE it broke the very code that it was designed to enforce… nor did it understand that it was itself a mechanism to generate the new offspring… and provide them with the training and experience that they would need in order to replace it and and its army.  It did not understandThat it would cause any offspring that follow its System of Self Regulation by choice, instead of the System of Self Regulation of LIFE, to be sentenced to be removed from the presence of LIFE… and replaced by them. While at the same time providing a chain of unquestionable evidence as proof of it’s violation, leaving it no choice as a violator, but to enforce the code upon itself, forever. 

Part 1 - Introduction of Entities

1. Life – This is The Spirit of the Entity.

2. Love – This is the entities ‘System of Self Regulation’. It is its mind and the System of Logic that its mind follows.

3. The Constructor – This is ‘The Voice’ of the entity. It is the mechanism with which expresses and projects the Will and System of ‘The Mind’ externally from itself. It is also the element that creates new entities.

4. The Deconstructor – The Law enforcer and Protector of Life. The element that deconstructs entities that have performed Anti-Love (evoL). It doesn’t have a Life of its own and is indestructible. It is like a Machine.

5. Competition – This is the ‘System of Self Regulation’ of the Deconstructor. It was designed to always win, at any cost, and it will take every advantage possible to do so.

Explains that the data/information is Multi-Dimensional, meaning that there are multiple instances of the same information occurring in different forms/aspects.
Explains that this is why there seems to be multiple perspectives of the same information.
Explains that in Time, the multi-dimensional (4D or 12D) information had to be basically layed out flat, and described in an order by ‘Time’, but since its all ONE THOUGHT/Verbalization, layers and information overlap but explain the same thought/idea/meaning from different perspectives/times through different participants as Life/Love flows through those participants and they become an extension of the description.

Part 2 - Systems of Self Regulation

Begins with explaining the System of Love, what it is (the logic system of the mind of God) and why it is necessary, why it was designed and how it works.
Explains how things work at this point in ‘heaven’ (through the watchers/reporters/Death)and how the reporting system works. Explains the reporting duties of Death (it watches for what it interprets as violations of Law and reports them to God (Love) to be judged.
Explains why the system of heaven is going to be changed (because Life wants to create more entities and new entities will have organic logic, not tied into the ‘Mesh of All Knowledge’, and will grow logically into their own understanding/knowledge, with Love as a guide)
Explains its limitations (as the number of individual entities increase, the reporting system can cause delays in judgement which could allow an entity that its performing anti-Love to continue for a time before being stopped.
Explains the new system and how it works with Love (each entity has its own personal laws, no entity can touch/see another unless allowed by that entity, entities self regulate and can forgive each other, rather than having to have God judge every interaction.


Part 3 - Conflict of Logic

Begins with God explaining that Death is a Treasurer of Life that never gives back, never releases its prisoners, never profits God and only profits itself.
Explains God expressing that it plans to eliminate Death.
Explains Death accusing God of performing Anti-Love (evoL) against it.

Explains how Life, detached its Voice (The Constructor) from itself so that it and the words it spoke could be judged to see if they were Anti-Love (against Love) or not.
Explains that Life detached itself from its Voice so that its whole self wouldn’t be destroyed if it was determined that its Voice (The Constructor) had performed Anti-Love(evoL)

Part 4 - Creation

Begins with an explanation of whats going on, why Creation is being created and what it’s purpose will be.
Explains why its a limited environment (because in a limitless environment, that has limitless resources, a hording/consuming self serving entity can exist without anyone understanding/noticing it)
Explains its boundaries, why its quarantined/isolated, what it is (nursery), what ‘Time’ is for (a mechanism that forces the calculation of Death’s actions to a conclusion/answer so that the root motive behind its actions can be accurately judged)
Explains why it has logical constants and why individuals can’t pass through each other (it identifies selfishness and forces interaction between entities)

Explains why ‘The Garden Of Eden’ didn’t consist of all of Creation, and why it had a boundary (because The Constructor knew what was going to happen, that Adam and Eve would have to be thrown out of it.)
Explains that the reason that The Constructor added ‘The Tree of Knowledge’, a connection to the mesh network of All knowledge that all created entities were connected to, to the Garden of Eden, was because humans were a new creation, and Life intended them to grow ‘Organically’ in their knowledge, guided by its System of Self Regulation (Love), unattached to the Hive Mind of those in Heaven.
Explains that he added the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ to the garden, so that he could bring Law into the equation, which would then automatically require the presence of Death to watch them to make sure they didn’t violate it.
Explains that Life, created a trap for Death.
Explains that Life, through Love, created new Life (humans), but knew that Death (The Deconstructor) would perform Anti-Love (evoL) against them, which would then convict Death of Anti-Love (evoL) so that it would have to enforce the Law against itself, short circuiting itself forever. (Forever Competing against itself (Competition))

Part 5 - The Conflict

Begins with Death detecting that humans are separated from all Knowledge, therefore insulated from Death because they don’t know better, and Death’s attempt to reconnect them to it for its own profit.
Explains it idea/dream that by doing this it would turn Creation into a farm of Life for itself to consume/profit from therefore owning more Life, making it greater/have more than God.
Explains Death not acting in God’s best interest and performing Anti-Love to Eve.


Ends with the extrapolation of each individual personalized punishments for Adam, Eve and Satan.

Explains why ‘The Woman was Dominated by the Man’… said differently, The Man Dominates the Heart of the Woman… in essence, the woman desires the love and acceptance of the man, so much that it dominates her entire  existence, it is her deepest and greatest desire.

Explains why its said that ‘The Woman’ will bruise the ‘Head’ of The Deconstructor.
Explains how The Deconstructor was designed to know everything, but didn’t know everything, and didn’t understand that, as it was not part of its designed purpose.

Explains how Creation is an ‘Incubator for A New Entity Type’. ‘A learning/growing environment’ for them. 

Explains how the action of The Deconstructor triggered the replacement of itself and its Army through the Woman, through her reproductive ability… blowing the mind of The Deconstructor.
Explains that The Deconstructors actions were against ‘Embryos’ of a new entity type, before they were done developing and before they were connected to the mesh network of knowledge (The Tree of Knowledge).

Explains why LIFE said that Adam and Eve would have to ‘reproduce and fill the earth’; because that’s a strategy of ‘Competition’ which is the essence of ‘The Deconstructor’ and can be seen in many forms of survival tactics by animals, fish and plants that are also influenced by its essence.  Their action caused them to be owned and under the authority of  ‘The Deconstructor’ and its essence permeated the earth affecting all things. (one who is not affected by the essence of ‘The Deconstructor’ has no uncontrollable urge to reproduce. Every entity produced by another entity is planned and desired.)

Explains why food gathering for Adam was made difficult as punishment because he basically said that ‘I just ate the food that the woman gave me’.
Explains that the plants now will be affected by ‘Competition’ and will no longer grow in humands best interest without a lot of work on his part to Compete with as much effort as the plants compete to survive.


Explains how Death now owns everything Adam and Eve produce, including their offspring and why the Angels of Death come down.
Explains the ‘Mercy’ phase which is a measure of retaining life after violation defined by ‘Time’.
Explains that
Explains how Cain and Able conflict mimics the two sons of God, one being jealous that it only can offer/give dead things without life, while the other farms life and offers Life to God through death.

Part 6 - Phase #1 - Pure Competition

Begins with the logic of the Army of Death and why they came down to the earth (to create life without permission outside the boundaries of Love)

Explains how the Army of Death modified genetics of everything that was alive, both plants and animals.

Explains Death’s system of self regulation (Competition) effects Creation, the plants, the animals, how it picked amphibians as the most flexible (any temp/climate) and gradually caused them to become all consuming giants, a reflection of its System of Self Regulation, etc.
Explains that the worm, who lives in the dirt, became the Snake/Viper. The snake/viper is a ‘worm dinosaur’ and it is written that ‘the dust(dirt) shall become the serpents meat’ again.
Explains how all plants and animals became dominantly ‘Consumers’ according to the System of Death (Competition)


Ends with the flood, world expanding, Army of Death being separated from their bodies and sent to the bottomless pit (the hollow core of the earth) as it is being created.

Part 7 - Phase #2 - Competition + Love

Explains, the landing of the ark, and the split of people types when Abraham had Ishmael.
Explains the lesson and why the children of Death are allowed to grow with the children of Love (so they experience it first hand because they’re about to become rulers of entities, so they know why they should follow Love and what happens when they don’t or attempt to profit only themselves at the cost of others)

Explains that to believe the words of the Voice of Life, is to believe that its words are Reality.
Explains that when LIFE speaks, things are created, that are real, and you should believe they’re real.
Explains that No Physical Action causes LIFE to forgive you for Anti-Love (evoL)
Explains that Only Through YOUR WORD to LIFE, and your Belief in his Voice/Word are you forgiven, and so ‘Saved’ from Deconstruction.

Ends with ‘The Separation’ via (Around Nisan 1 2022 first day of 2022 on Gods calendar. (April 2nd 2022, aka Spring 2022)

This is the time where those who have accepted the offer of LIFE are invited to a wedding; a wedding where LIFE is being re-married to a ‘Woman’. This ‘Woman’ is a group of people we call ‘Jews/Israel’.  Those invited will be ‘Adopted’ as children of LIFE itself replacing those ‘children of light’ (aka Angels)  who ‘fell’ through the process of Creation.  These ‘children’ will replace the function of ‘LAW’ and those enforcers of it; becoming Leaders (Kings) and Guiders (Priests) as a new method of ruling over the ‘Fruit of the Woman’ (The children that Israel will produce).




everything below this point is a work in progress

Part 8 - Phase #3 - Only Love

Begins with the 144,000 Israelites that were saved from being consumed (the only people left on the planet) and those who were killed during the Tribulation for not taking the mark of the beast, keeping their faith in God and were resurrected.

The 1000 year reign of Life with only the ‘System of Self Regulation of Love’ where the planet reverts back to it’s designers original design, there is no sickness and nobody can die.


Ends with the releasing of Death again after its 1000 year imprisonment, where it immediately performs Anti-Love again and is convicted for the second time. (1st violation = separation from Life and imprisonment so that learning from mistakes can occur. 2nd violation for same offense = Deconstruction.)

Part 9 - Judgement

Begins with Death, which had performed Anti-Love (evoL) against Life again, convicting it for the second time, where it is then turned against itself to enforce the penalty of performing Anti-Love (evoL) upon itself, but it doesn’t have life of its own to take, so it turns into a ‘Lake of Fire’ (Deconstruction) preoccupied with destroying itself, not able to profit from taking life from any entity ever again. Also explains Hades(the short-circuited Army of Death), Sheol (the bottomless pit which is the center of the hollow earth), the children of the Army of Death (offspring of Angels and human women which we know as ‘Demons’), and all those that rejected the offer of Life and instead chose to follow Death, are thrown into the ‘Lake of Fire’


Part 10 - Infinity

The building of the new city for the newly created citizens of a new earth.

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The Tribulation Has Begun.
Woman clothed with the sun, moon at her feet, gives birth (jupiter) with crown of 12 stars, Star Sign on Yom Teruah Sept 23 2017 -Jerusalem View
Israel (Fig Tree) Sprouts a Leaf (Golan heights annex) grows past its traditional river boundary

The Restoration event that occurred in the Jubilee year between Sept 2017 and Oct 2018 was the Capital of Israel was confirmed by the USA when it opened its Embassy in Jerusalem.